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Daddy Ray by Anthony

April 17, 2010

I’ve been reading this board for a long time and get a lot of enjoyment reading about other people’s experiences. So, I figured it was time to post my own story of how I met my Daddy.

I’m a petite, bisexual guy, 26 years old, 5′ 5″ in height and 135 lbs. I also an adult baby with a strong diaper fetish. For a long time, I was far too embarassed to share my fetish with anyone I knew, so I hid it away and practiced when I had free time. I would often spend time looking through adult shops for anything AB related. That is actually what led to finding my Daddy.

Daddy Ray owns an adult shop in a city 30 miles from where I live. Three years ago, I was in his shop and was quite surprised at their collection of fetish material, which is rare in the area I live. After digging through everything, I found two magazines and a video with AB material. When I put the stuff on the counter to pay for it, the cashier looked it over and said “These are some of my favorites”. I was shocked at first and told myself he was probably just being friendly and didn’t even bother to look at the stuff. Without even thinking, I just blurted out “Are they really?”. He gave me a sly smile and said “Definitely”. The blood was rushing to my head, partially from embarassment and partially from excitement. I was stunned into silence. Luckily, he took the lead and placed a business card inside the bag with my purchases and simply said “Call me if you’re interested. Any time.”

The idea of calling him kinda freaked me out, but the excitement of the possibilities was too much to bare. Two hours later, I called and asked for Ray. We only talked for a couple minutes, because he insisted we get together and get to know each other before proceeding further. We agreed to meet at a public park near his shop the next day.

During our meet and greet in the park, we discussed what we were both interested in. I told him I was an adult baby and loved to wear diapers. He told me he was primarily a dominant, but knew that diaper fetishists tend to be submissive, so he was taking a chance with me. I had never really thought about being submissive, but the more we talked, the more I realized I was. After an hour of talk, we decided we were compatible enough to give it a shot, so I followed him back to his apartment – located above his shop.

That first day we laid out what we expected from each other. He would play the role of Daddy Ray and wielded all of the authority. I would spend all my time with him in diapers, but would only be babied part time. Other times, I would be his diapered slave boy. In exchange for him changing my wet and messy diapers, I would allow myself to be bound and/or spanked as he saw fit. It was a big compromise for both of us, as I am not into pain and he is not really into changing diapers. These basic ground rules have led to a long lasting relationship. We still live apart, but we spend most weekends together and often the odd weekday.

One of Daddy Ray’s favorite scenarios involves him showing up at my house for a surprise inspection. If I’m not wearing a diaper when he walks in, I am punished with a butt plug, extra thick diapers and a long ride to his place where I am locked in the pillory for a spanking. After my spanking, he will either fuck my ass or release me for a blowjob. I then spend the rest of the night locked in my crib.

That’s pretty much our relationship in a nutshell. I hope you enjoyed my experiences.

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