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Diapered in Daycare – Oh The Humiliation!

April 29, 2018

I can trace my diaper fetish back to when I was 12 years old. My mother had just gotten a temporary job at my father’s work, helping do inventory and prepare for a move to a bigger warehouse. It was the middle of summer break, so Mom insisted that I go to daycare while she worked. I argued that I was old enough to stay home alone, but she was overprotective and insisted on daycare.

As much as I hated the idea of being in daycare at that age, I found there were a couple other kids my age that were really fun to hang out with and I started looking forward to it.

The second week there, I was out in the yard playing games and had to pee. I was winning the game though, so I decided to hold it until after. My bladder proved too weak, however, and I ended up running toward the house twenty minutes later, desperate to reach the bathroom. I didn’t make it – wetting my pants as I struggled to open the sliding glass door, which was jammed by a toy.

Julia, the lady that owned the daycare, responded to my knocking and found me with soaking wet pants. She was really nice about it at first, taking me to the bathroom to get cleaned up, and throwing my wet pants and panties in the washer. When she returned, she asked me why I didn’t have a change of clothes in my backpack. I told her I didn’t know I was supposed to have one and she seemed a bit perturbed.

I blushed bright red when she opened a cabinet in the bathroom and pulled out a diaper. She moved with purpose as she started to wrap it around my waist. To be honest, I was dumbfounded and didn’t even know how to respond, so I just stood there as she pulled it up between my legs and taped it up. I should point out that I was standing up the entire time.

The horror in my head must’ve shown on my face, because she told me it was just until my clothes were dry. When she took my hand and opened the bathroom door, I freaked out and pulled away. She told me that I could go lay down and take a nap if I was worried about people seeing me. Then she took me to the nap room, where she had small mats lined up along the wall. I laid down on the nearest one and pulled the small blanket over me. My intention was to just lay there until my clothes were done, but I fell asleep after fifteen minutes or so.

When I woke up, there were several other kids laying on other mats and I realized the blanket had come off while I slept. My diaper was clearly visible to everyone in the room. Embarrassed, I wrapped the blanket around me and went to find Julia. My clothes were clean and dry, so I went to the bathroom, took off the diaper and got dressed. I was still embarrassed about the entire situation, but happy to be back in my normal clothes.

Later that afternoon, while playing outside, a kid a couple years younger than me and my friends walks up to us and starts asking really blunt questions.

“Why were you wearing a diaper in the nap room?”

“Do you wet the bed? I haven’t wet the bed since I was six.”

“Did you pee your pants earlier?”

The other kids laughed at his questions and I broke down crying. It was easily the most humiliating experience of my life, because the other kids just wouldn’t stop teasing me about it. In fact, for the rest of the three weeks I attended daycare, the other kids would constantly tease me.

“Are you wearing your diaper, baby?”

“She’s just a little girl. She can’t play big kid games.”

“Watch out, she might pee on the slide!”

One of the girls walked up and handed me a diaper. When I crossed my arms and pulled away, she responded with “Not your brand?”

I was excited when the move was finished and mom stopped working. The daycare was near my dad’s work, so I didn’t have to worry about any of those kids going to school near me or showing up in my neighborhood.

As time went by, though, I started to think about and replay those events in my mind. What was originally a traumatic experience, became the foundation of a new desire for humiliation and embarrassment. I started to fantasize about being put into diapers and paraded around in public, as everyone laughed and teased me.

By the time I was an adult, all I could think about was diapers and humiliation. I went through several ABDL relationships, but quickly found that basing a relationship on a mutual kink interest isn’t the best idea. It wasn’t until I was almost 30 that I met the man I intend to marry. He is not ABDL specifically, but is definitely the daddy type. It took a bit for him to get used to the diapers, but now he says he loves the little extra bit of a control.

I couldn’t be happier.

Bethany P. – Texas

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  1. I went to an overnight daycare for years because my mom was a night shift nurse. I rarely wet the bed, but the daycare lady made me wear diapers to bed every night just in case. She wasn’t even remotely discreet about it either. There was only two of us in daycare and she had two of her own kids, so I was the butt of a lot of jokes.

    To make matters worse, my mother got off work at 5 in the morning and would pick me up on the way home. Since I was still half asleep, I always just wore the diaper home and went back to bed.

  2. I know it’s not polite to talk about disabled people, but one of my foundation fetish memories happened in daycare. The daycare owner had a sixteen year old daughter that was diagnosed with some form of palsy. She was really cute and several of us had a huge crush on her.

    Anyway, as her palsy progressed, her left hand stopped working correctly and she started having accidents. Her mother had to put her in diapers to deal with the incontinence. She always tried her best to keep them hidden, but the outline could still be seen under her pants and we could always smell when she messed herself. The first diaper I ever wore was one I stole from her stash when I was twelve.

  3. I grew up with a wetting problem. Not just bedwetting either. I had stress/urge incontinence and would pee a little whenever I sneezed, laughed or was in a situation where I couldn’t get to the bathroom within a few minutes. I wore absorbent pads in my underwear, since it was just a little bit of pee.

    My daycare was one of those fancy corporate places with teachers and nurses. I wasn’t diapered in daycare normally, except when I was eleven and we went on a field trip to a free children’s concert. Since my incontinence was well known, the nurse put me in an adult diaper before we left. I threw a fit and refused at first, but she told me nobody would notice and it was better than wetting my pants in front of everyone.

    As far as I know, nobody noticed. However, I was self-conscious about it the entire time and was convinced the crinkling was announcing itself to everyone. Any time I saw someone looking my direction, I would check to make sure my shirt was hanging right. It was nerve wracking.

  4. I went to a daycare run by my aunt who hated me. no clue why she hated me but she always made fun of my bedwetting. my mom always dropped me off still in my night diaper because she work early and I would sleep longer at my aunts. if the diaper was wet when I woke up she would make me wear it until my mom picked me up at one in the afternoon. I got teased by the other kids all the time but she didn’t care.

    1. It wasn’t daycare for me, but I had a similar experience with a babysitter. She didn’t hate me though.

      I was still at the age I needed a babysitter and my mom left for work at like 4am and got home around 2pm. I wore diapers for bedwetting and she was concerned that I wouldn’t clean myself well enough after wetting. So, if I woke up with a wet diaper, I had to wear it until Mom got home and cleaned me up.

      Pretty sure my diaper fetish originated from the very pretty babysitter checking my diaper and declaring whether I could change or would have to keep it on.

  5. I was diapered in daycare as a punishment. I was post-puberty and my mom didn’t trust me enough to stay home alone, so I was still in daycare at 13. My hormones were in overdrive and I would go to the bathroom and masturbate multiple times a day. The daycare lady was getting pissed that I was taking up the bathroom all the time and several kids wet their pants trying to wait for me.

    When she found out what I was doing, she called my mom and they agreed on a punishment. For one week, I had to wear diapers under my clothes at daycare and the bathroom was off-limits. I was warned that they would make it permanent if I kept doing it after earning back my toilet privileges.

    It was humiliating, since all the other kids knew. I still desperately needed to masturbate though, so I would go inside the clubhouse, acting like I was hiding from the teasing, and rub my crotch against the bench until I had an orgasm.

    And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is how I developed a diaper fetish.

  6. I went to a church daycare and was put into diapers after wetting my pants during naptime. I was 11 years old and they still made us take naps. Bedwetting was always a problem but my mom never made me wear diapers. She just kept a plastic sheet on the bed and I had to wash the bedding when I wet. The ladies at church insisted that only babies wet themselves and babies wear diapers. My mom actually thought it was funny that I was wearing a diaper when she picked me up. After that they always made me wear a diaper during nap time and I was teased by a bunch of the other kids.

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