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DDLG – What is it?

June 7, 2015

DDLG – What is it?

DDLG is an initialism that stands for Daddy Dom/Little Girl. DDLG most often refers to a sexual kink or roleplay, where a paternal figure acts in the role of a dominant daddy and a subordinate figure ageplays the role of little girl. Both are consensual adults that have chosen this dynamic willingly.

How does DDLG work?

That’s not an easy question to answer, because it will vary a great deal between different dynamics. For some, a DDLG relationship can be as simple as the daddy offering paternal guidance to a little girl. For others, the daddy is a dominant partner that enforces rules and punishes the little girl for wrongdoings. There is no right or wrong dynamic, so long as both participants consent.

What does DDLG have to do with Diapered Online?

One of the most common dynamics in diaper punishment or discipline is DDLG. Daddies may use diapers with their littles for a number of reasons; regression, comfort, discipline or even punishment. The most common request I receive are related to DDLG dynamics.

Some dynamics use diapers as an ageplay tool, where the little is roleplaying an infant or toddler. In others, the little might be a middle age that is diapered for bedwetting or as punishment for misdeeds. I’ve seen dynamics where the little doesn’t ageplay at all, but still has a daddy.

What is the difference between a Daddy Dom and a Caregiver?

Both have their place, but in different ways. Technically, a daddy is a caregiver, but not all caregivers are daddies. In a DDLG dynamic, the daddy might rely on a caregiver to take care of their little girl while away. Caregivers are often other bigs or siblings. In the past, while hosting multiple littles at once, I have put one in charge while I took care of necessary adulting tasks.

Is DDLG Sexual in Nature?

It often is sexual, though not always. As referenced above, it really depends on the individual dynamic. I believe it is most often sexual, but I am aware of several DDLG relationships that are strictly platonic. Personally, I am a platonic daddy to a few littles that come to visit for the experience and stress relief. They simply need a paternal figure to take control and give them the discipline they desire.

How do I become a Daddy Dom?

That’s a hard question to answer. If you feel you would make a good daddy, then you need to put yourself out there. Meet some people in the community and find those you click with. It may be a long, hard road though, so be patient. FetLife is a good starting point, as there are many groups where you can learn and network.

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