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December 2017 #1

December 8, 2017

First update for December 2017. Hope everyone has a great holiday season! 🙂

1. Lolly wakes in the crib to find her diaper quite full. It seems she made a big mess while she was sleeping. Aroused by the prospect of messing in her sleep, she begins to rub the front of her diaper. The thick padding makes it difficult to feel much, so she opts for the magic wand to bring herself to orgasm multiple times. Next, she sits up and rubs her full diaper against the huge teddy bear as she rides him to an even more glorious orgasm. Finally, spent and exhausted, she lays back down on her belly, places her thumb in her mouth, and drifts back off to sleep.

2. When two kinky diaper girls get together, there is bound to be some fun. Pastel has Taylor strapped to the spanking stand and decides to use an assortment of implements on the girl’s bared bottom. She starts with a selection of paddles and finally decides the tawse is her favorite. After turning Taylor’s butt bright red, she pulls up her diaper and promises to leave her there for a while to enjoy the ‘heat’.

3. When Muffin comes home, she is confronted by her angry Daddy. She skipped school and her teachers made sure he knew it. When he tries to pull her over his lap for a spanking, she begs to be allowed to use the bathroom first. He refuses and pulls her right over his knee, where he discovers that she is wearing a diaper under her pants. He asks why she is wearing a diaper – one with teddy bears on it nonetheless – but she is too embarrassed to answer.

After untaping the wet diaper and exposing her bare bottom, he gives her a good hard spanking. Afterwards, he decides that if she likes diapers so much, she can wear them openly for all to see. He finds another diaper in her bedroom stash and puts it on her, before putting her down for a nap. Her secret diaper fetish is about to be not-so-secret!

4. Pookie’s diaper is soaking wet when Daddy comes to check on her. He puts her up on the changing table and gets her into a fresh, clean diaper, then tells her to get dressed. She selects a cute onesie and matching skirt, which looks absolutely adorable over her thickly diapered butt.

5. Pastel made a big mess in the nursery and Daddy insists that she clean it. Waddling around in soaking wet, double thick diapers, she shows that cleaning is a lot harder when you can’t walk normal. :p

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