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December 2017 #2

December 17, 2017

Second update for the month of December. I hope everyone has a happy holiday and is looking forward to the new year!

1. Pookie is wearing an adorable printed diaper under her white tights as she naps in the crib. A little too aroused by her situation, she wakes up and begins to rub herself through the thick diaper. Within moments, she is grinding on a pillow until she brings herself to a brilliant orgasm. Spent, she curls up on her side and goes back to sleep.

2. Muffin is taking a nap, but is woken by a mild cramp. She tries to ignore it and go back to sleep, but as it builds she realizes she will have to move her bowels soon. Knowing she has no other option, she shifts positions to her knees and relaxes enough to fill her Safari diaper. With the cramps abated, she curls up in the crib and drifts back off to sleep.

3. From Pastel: “My pink princess diaper was soaked through, so I got all the supplies and changed my own diaper. I had to be careful when I wiped myself clean, because of the welts Daddy left on my bottom. The powder smelled like lavender and baby powder, which was amazing. I chose a space diaper, because I really like to watch the aliens disappear throughout the day. After my diaper was changed, I rubbed lotion all over my legs and arms to make sure I was super soft for Daddy. He always says I have baby soft skin. :)”

4. Taylor is looking at dirty ABDL porn on her phone, when the urge to pee hits. She relaxes her body and floods the diaper, enjoying the warmth as it spreads through the soft padding. Aroused by the porn and the wet diaper, she begins to rub herself through the soaked diaper – eventually turning to the magic wand for help. After reaching an intense orgasm, she realizes her actions have destroyed the diaper, so she climbs up onto the changing table for a fresh one.

5. Starla has returned after nearly ten years! When she first arrives, she strives to find her little space. Of course, that means a thick diaper, snug onesie and coloring with her favorite crayon colors. 🙂

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  1. hey ! is it possible to see lolly more as a baby than a mommy ? (accidents, diaper punishment, pacifier, thumbsucking…) she’s just an adorable little girl !!

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