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December 2017 #3

December 24, 2017

Third update for December of 2017. Rapidly approaching the new year! I hope everyone has their resolutions ready. 🙂

1. Taylor is lying on the floor drawing holiday pictures for Daddy. Completely lost in little space, she feels some slight cramping and simply changes position to her knees to fill her diaper. After messing, she returns to her coloring, as if nothing happened. That is, of course, for Daddy to take care of.

2. Pookie is sleeping in the crib when she wakes up with cramps. She desperately need to move her bowels, but she is locked in the crib and Daddy won’t be coming for hours. Resigned to the inevitable, she finds a comfortable position on her knees and fills her diaper.

3. Pastel is sitting in the high chair awaiting her dinner. When Daddy brings her a plate of sushi, she refuses to eat it. She thinks it stinks and it’s not particularly appetizing. Daddy paid good money for it though, so he tries to make her eat it. When she keeps pushing him away, he cuffs her hands to the high chair and makes sure she eats it all.

4. Starla is sleeping in the crib, but keeps having naughty dreams. When she wakes up after a particularly sexy dream, she is far too aroused to just go back to sleep. So, she opts to rub her pussy through the thick, wet diaper she is wearing. Finding that she is unable to get herself off with her hands alone, she remembers the magic wand is still tucked away behind the mattress. After retrieving it, she turns it to high and brings herself a powerful (and tiring) orgasm.

5. Muffin is kicking back on her big teddy, chatting with friends on her phone, when she realizes she desperately needs to pee. So, she spreads her knees and relaxes, quickly soaking through the thick Rearz diaper and leaving a large yellow stain for everyone to see.

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