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December 2017 #4

December 31, 2017

Final update of 2017! I hope everyone has a great new year. 🙂

1. Pastel wakes up in a soaking wet diaper. She choose a cute pink diaper from the stacks and lays on the changing table to clean herself up. Once the thick diaper is taped up, she puts on a cute shirt and shortalls. She seems unaware of or unfazed by the visible portions of the diaper showing for all to see.

2. Pookie’s diaper is soaking wet, so Daddy takes her to the changing table for a fresh one. When he pulls off her soaked diaper, he notices the still bright bruises on her bottom. He tells her to roll over and rubs lotion into her bruised butt to help the bruises heal. Then he powders her up and puts her into a thick diaper and onesie for bed.

3. Taylor is exhausted after a long day. She can’t wait to strip down to her diaper, pull on a onesie and cuddle up with her stuffies in the crib.

4. Starla was given castor oil for being rude to a cashier. In the morning, she was caught trying to sneak to the toilet to avoid a messy diaper. She thought Daddy was sleeping, but she was wrong. As punishment, he locks her in the pillory. This clip picks up moments before she loses control and fills her diaper with a huge mess.

5. Muffin is thickly diapered as she plays with her toys on the nursery floor. Such an adorable little one.

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