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Diaper Fetishists – Origins and Demographics

August 6, 2014

I was having a conversation with some folks about the origins of diaper fetishists and they suggested I share my views, as they found them interesting. So, bear with me, as this is going to be long.

I’ve been a member of the ABDL community since 1991 and I’ve seen a lot. In my early days, the demographics seemed highly skewed toward older men with very few younger folks and even fewer women. However, these days, there seems to be an influx of younger ABDLs and diaper fetishists – a lot of them being female. It is my opinion that this is mostly due to how society has changed over the last 40+ years.

I was born in 1973, so I vividly remember how things were in the 70s and 80sn. Back then, it was actually considered normal to humiliate your children as a form of punishment. In fact, it wasn’t just considered normal, it was considered good parenting. On many occasions, I witnessed children being publicly humiliated by their parents. Mothers would spank or slap their kids in the middle of the grocery store and other parents would literally applaud them or tell them they approved. I’m not making this up… it really was like that in the 70s and early 80s.

Diaper punishment was usually reserved for bedwetters, of course, but I did witness one mother that used a comical form of diaper punishment for other transgressions. Comical, because she would just wrap a towel around their waist like a diaper and pin it on, then make them sit on the time out stool sucking their thumb. She did it any time she considered their behavior infantile.

It wasn’t uncommon to see large cloth diapers and rubber pants hanging from clotheslines in the middle of summer. You could always tell the bedwetters, because those houses didn’t have younger children. Disposable diapers for bigger kids weren’t readily available, so cloth diapers were common. It was also almost always the boys that were humiliated for their bedwetting and their diapers exposed to others. Girls tended to be ‘protected’ by their parents, so they didn’t use humiliation as a form of punishment as often. I believe this is why there are so many middle-aged male diaper fetishists – far more than female.

On a side note, one of the defining moments in the formation of my own fetish came when I went to pick up a female friend for school. Her mother invited me into the house and I saw her sitting in her little brother’s high chair, eating pancakes and wearing a diaper. She cried when she saw me, but later explained that her mother would make her go through that humiliating ritual every time she wet the bed.

By the late 80s, humiliation as a form of punishment was no longer considered acceptable. Hitting your kids in public was more likely to be met with hateful stares than applause. Putting bedwetters in diapers was also frowned upon, so most parents simply used rubber sheets and did laundry in the morning. The lack of diaper use among older kids during this time period most likely led to the lack of diaper fetishists in that age group. They still exist, but are much less common.

By the early 90s, Pull-ups had been introduced and the preferred option for bedwetters was the new ‘disposable underwear’. Suddenly diapers for bedwetters was back in the mainstream – minus the humiliation. Fast forward to today and there are tons of diaper fetishists that grew up in the 90s and the gender gap is much smaller. There is also a distinct shift in how people perceive their diaper fetish. Older fetishists seem to overwhelmingly favor diapers for punishment and humiliation, while younger fetishists are just as likely to prefer ageplay without the punishment aspect. I think we all owe a great big thanks for Pull-ups for that. 🙂

Anyways, these are my views. They could be wrong. If you have something to add, feel free. I enjoy a good discussion.

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  1. @Daddy (no pun intended ;p)

    Yeah I think you’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head addressing this topic. I’ve noticed the same myself a lot over the course of the years. I was born in 1980 and at first it was dully noted that it was rough punishments for children and mostly males into this scene.

    However, As of more recently in these past few years it seems like more and more women have been getting involved in it. I’m not quite sure if it’s because they like the kink and punishment or whatever the reason may be it’s nice to see the shift in balance of this to slowly grow more evened out.

    I remember when it was like any girls out there into this scene were practically nowhere to be found and no it’s way more common though I get that a lot of women previously hid because of ” creepers ” which is purely understandable. But honestly now I think it’s pretty cool and kinky so I’m happy to see sites like this and diapermess appear with beautiful girls in diapers. It’s simply awesome – thanks Daddy and thank you diapergirls for doing what you do! Cheers!

  2. I agree on the pullups issue to a point. I don’t think it’s just bedwetters that ended up with diaper fetishes. I never wet the bed, but I had friends that did and it was her house that triggered my fetish.

    You see, I had a HUGE crush on her dad. One time I was spending the night at her house and that night she just whips out a pullup and changes into it. I didn’t say anything, since she didn’t seem to care that I saw. A little while later her dad comes into the room and tells us it’s almost time for bed. Then he asks my friend “Do you have your special pants on?”. Her response was to say “Yes Daddy” and then she jumped off the bed into his arms. She gave him a big hug, then he kissed her forehead. The entire time I could see the pullup sticking out of her pajama pants.

    At that point, I was hooked. I wanted nothing more in life to jump into his arms wearing a pullup and have him kiss my forehead. From there, my fetish just expanded to include regular diapers, spankings and humiliation.

  3. That is pretty much how my fetish began. I was born in 1961 and my mother was very religious. She believed that humility was divine and used humiliation for punishment often. I started wetting the bed when I was 8 and my mother sewed a stack of thick cloth diapers for me to wear every night. Rubber pants were commonly used for senile folks, so getting them in bigger sizes was easy. Very few people had dryers back then, so everything was hung out on the line to dry and everyone knew I wore diapers to bed.

    She would often slap or backhand me if she felt I was being disrespectful. She would also make me sit on the front steps with a paper bag over my head if she caught me watching too much TV. But the first time she used the diapers for punishment was when I got caught stealing a bicycle horn from the hardware store when I was eleven. After she beat my ass with a wooden spoon, she lectured me about how only babies didn’t know better than to take what wasn’t theirs. Next thing I knew she was putting me in my night time diapers and made me sit outside on the steps without pants. The neighbor kids teased me at first, but then one of the other mothers told her son if he made fun one more time she would borrow some diapers for him. After that, the kids only teased me when no parents were around.

    Apparently the diapers were an effective punishment, because she started using them every time I did something stupid. One time I called my teacher an asshole. She made me sit in the corner and called my mother to come get me. Mom was holding her big wooden spoon when she came into class and she beat me with it as she pulled me out of the class. Before we left the room though she told the teacher that I would get a proper beating at home and then I was going straight to bed. I’ll never forget what she did next. She looked at me and said “You hear that? I’ve got your big boy diapers just waiting for you at home.” The whole class laughed and I saw the teacher smile as mom pulled me out of the room.

    I guess I should end this, but wanted to say I think you hit the nail on the head. Most young people don’t seem to realize what it was like for us older folks.

  4. I was born in 1964,i went from foster home to foster home but my second to last home was very bad,i used to wet the bed at night almost evry nigh,back then we only had cloth diapers and plastic pants,iwas heavily abused as a child,so I wore diapers pretty much every day and night.The mother would change me in front of my step sisters which was very embarrassing,when I left there to go to my last home I still wet the bed but bunched up towels to makeshift diapers,
    now im turning 50 and thank god we have disposable diapers and I still wear every day and I guess I just learned they were part of my life and really now enjoy wearing them in and out of the house..

  5. As a 24 year old girl, I can relate. My mother bought me pullups for my bedwetting and it wasn’t really an issue. But sometimes she would get upset about the cost of them and would berate me for needing them. She would call me a big baby and told me she should just buy me baby diapers because they were cheaper. It definitely impacted my kinks today.

    1. I don’t know why,but it certainly makes me feel calmer,i was injured at work and forced retired which really sucks,but having lots of stress not being able to do much,i was a professional badminton player played all over the world spent 15 years in the armed forces –that was the tricky one

  6. 61M here

    those types of things defintly happened when i was young my mother never diaperd me and i wasnt a bedweter

    my frend was kep in diapers by his mom for bedweting tho and she was real mean not sure why it became my kink but i always wanted her to be mean to me to

  7. Early 20’s here and my mother just bought Pull-ups for my bedwetting, but when I got a little older(and bigger) they didn’t fit right and began to leak. When she first bought me Depends I freaked out because it was a big diaper, but she insisted they were medical. I was never shamed over it, but I definitely saw it as shameful and my fetish definitely derived from that.

  8. My first and only experience with diaper punishment happened when I was 13. My family went to a family reunion two states over for a week. The first night I was there I found out my female cousin wore diapers to bed for bedwetting. The next day, she smarted off to me, so I yelled “At least I don’t wear diapers like a big baby!” in front of everyone at the family reunion. She broke down crying and ran to her room. I felt bad right away, but my mom was livid. She took me to my aunt’s room and beat my ass with my dad’s belt, then put me in one of my cousin’s diapers.

    I had to spend the rest of the day in the middle of the yard where everyone could see me. The girls were encouraged to tease me and were constantly asking if I wet myself. It really sucked at the time, but shortly after that it was all I could think about. My fantasies revolved around being forced into diapers and teased.

    By the way, I was born in 1969. Do the math. 😉

    1. Forgot to mention one part.

      In order to make my cousin feel better, they told everyone that I was the bedwetter and they were my diapers. I knew better than to argue, because my mother would have given the belt back to my dad and he would have made me bleed. 🙁

  9. I only wet the bed a couple times growing up, but my mother used to make me wear pull ups when I got my period. Not just at night either.

  10. In 1967 I was 13 years old. My mother sent me to stay with my aunt Margaret for the summer, because she “Joined the Peace Corps” – which I later found out was actually rehab for her drinking problem. My aunt hated me by proxy, because she blamed my dad for everything bad in my mother’s life and being his son made me an easy target.

    My third day there, Aunt Margaret got upset that I walked through the house with mud on my shoes. She spanked me hard with the belt and I pissed my pants in the middle of the beating. She became verbally abusive and called me a baby and a good-for-nothing like my father. After that she made me stand in the corner while we searched the basement for her kids’ old cloth diapers and plastic pants.

    The diapers were huge, so fit without an issue, but the plastic pants were a bit tight. When she first put them on me, I pulled away and told her to go to hell. Big mistake, because she backhanded me several times until I lay still. For two weeks after that I had to ask her or my cousin to take the diaper off to use the toilet. My cousin was 17 and I had a bit of a crush on her, which I think is why this turned into a fetish for me.

    I’ve told this story before, but nobody ever believes me. It’s good to see that someone with your reputation can vouch for the treatment some of us received back in those days. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for the community and keep up the good work. Consider me a lifelong member.


  11. In 1966 I was sent to a home for troubled youths. It was basically a prison for kids that were “rebellious”. There were six huge rooms and about a dozen boys to each room. One of the rooms was nicknamed the bedwetter nursery.

    Bedwetters would be put into cloth diapers and rubber pants right after dinner and sent to bed an hour earlier than everyone else. They kept charts by every bed and the nurse would check every diaper in the morning and mark off if it was wet. If you went a week without a wet diaper, you went back to a normal room. Very few ever made it that far, since bathroom visits weren’t allowed once you were diapered. It was set up for failure, but they insisted if you really wanted to get out you would learn to hold your bladder.

    On occasion, boys would be sent to the bedwetter nursery as punishment for immaturity. The only way to end your punishment was to go a week without a wet diaper. Since those boys weren’t actually bedwetters, they almost always managed to end their punishment after one week.

    I was not a bedwetter, but earned this punishment when I put a tack on a teacher’s stool. It was humiliating to be diapered by the nurse, but for some reason the more I thought about it the more it aroused me. At that point I had never masturbated and was in the middle of puberty. I rubbed myself through the diaper and had my first orgasm. I freaked out about the cum I had left in the diaper and decided to wet the diaper to cover up what I had done. This was the fourth or fifth day in the nursery, so I had to start my week over.

    It didn’t matter though, because I was addicted at that point. I was embarrassed to be known as a bedwetter, but the diapers just felt too good to ignore. I complained that not being able to use the toilet was unfair, but it changed nothing. Every few days I would wet my diaper to make sure I stayed in the nursery. This went on for the duration of my ten month stay.

  12. I don’t think we should underestimate the role of ‘gender safe’ spaces like tumblr. When forums were domianted by men in their mid forties who sat behind a keyboard it was easier to stay closeted. The growth of tumblr and Fetlife I think have reversed this. They are spaces which are expressly designed to make people comfortable before people experiment. This is especially true when talking about girls who would have that added pressure on any interaction they had before tumblr and fetlife. Perhaps diaperspace was a midpoint.

    A good analogy might be ‘gamers’ in modern culture. Women are marginalised and pushed aside because of the male atmosphere. I’m not saying ABDLs are bad but when you add the whole ‘weird fetish’ thing you are making yourself a lot more vulnerable. I have feeling that expression and ability to express sexuality and individual gender identity has had a lot to do with it. Its OK for women to like sex now.

    1. You’re only half right about that analogy with gamers. You say that’s happening now but assure you in reality that ended back in 2000 so you’re late by about 14 years now. I’ve seen quite a few women dominated areas in video games mostly game characters or women competing more and more since the dawn of tomb raider. It continues on into fragging and women dressing up or announcing news. Google the words ” Female Gamers ” and you’ll see what I mean. I get the analogy you are trying to say but pointing the finger at gamers is untrue and a bit biased in my opinion.

  13. Very refreshing to finally read some TRUE stories of DD. The subject along with the Internet has created a base for fantasy porn sites and wishful story tellers. Thank you all for bringing some real events.
    In light of this, I also feel compelled to add my own TRUE exposures to DD. I go back quiet a bit further than most of you when humiliation was in full swing as a discipline option. I was an only child, born out of wedlock, and my mother had to put me in foster care in order to work. The family took in several boy boarders and had one child of their own, a daughter about a year older than me. My first traumatic event happened when I was six (going on seven). It was a late summer morning and we boys were playing in the yard when I needed to use the bathroom. Not wanting to stop long enough to go inside, I went behind a tree. The younger boy saw me and ran inside to tell the mother. I was called in and after confessing, was told to get undressed. Confused, I removed my clothes while she called the others in and lined them up across the room to watch. Once down to just my underwear, I heard her tell her daughter to go and get a couple of the baby’s diapers and some pins. That’s when I knew what she planned to do and I went into a dizzy panic as I screamed forgiveness. Dragging me to the kitchen table, she forced me onto my back as I saw the daughter return and hand the diapers to her. I was kicking so hard, she called the older boys to hold me down while I was diapered in front of everyone. I was stood up in front of them and told to look down at my diapers and told to say I was now a baby. I was kept in just the diapers all day and even had to sit in the highchair for lunch. That afternoon, Iwas refused the bathroom and ended up wetting my diapers only to be again put on display and laughed at. She made me stay in the wet diapers the rest of the day and even put a rubber sheet on my bed, making me sleep in them. My regular clothes were returned the next morning. I lost all memory after that for almost a year. (It’ scaled disassociation reaction). My counselor believes I was diapered several times during that period but I can’t remenber. I do remember being punished in diapers again when I had an accident coming home from school. For that, I was diapered and had to sleep in the baby crib. She even brought me a baby bottle and made me drink it while she teased me about still being a baby. She left me in the crib next morning until I couldn’t hold it and wet myself. Thankfully, she came and removed them and I took a bath before giving my regular clothes back. I was never diapered again but when I reach puberty, those events became the bases for a life long fetish. I am now over 70 and still love pinning on cloth diapers while imagining her draped over me smiling at my shameful helplessness. Sorry this was so long but just wanted to share my story… my true experiences.

  14. mid 20s here. my kink started…oh, about 3 years ago. i’d just moved into my own house–a bank repo/short sale my dad bought/i helped buy…. when we were cleaning some stuff out, we found a box of diapers and other baby stuff, i gave to my friend. about 3 weeks or so after that, i get this “Free Sample” box thing in mail…my friend and i are sitting around watching football and drinking….she randomly asked what my waist size was….says shell give me 20 dollars to try on the sample diaper…. (i was drunk), i did….she told me she give me another 30 if i wore it all night, used it 2+ times….60 if i went #2….and in the morning, she would “change” me. i had interesting feeling when i wet it–it wasnt sexual, but …. not sure, its interesting. keep up the good work, i thought theres was something wrong with me, untill another friend steered me here, diaper mess/related, and FetLife. glad to know im not alone

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