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August 2018 #1

August 7, 2018

First update for August 2018. Enjoy!

1. Taylor wasted the weekend and tried to finish her homework on Sunday night. Daddy warns her that if it’s not finished by the time she leaves for the school in the morning, her weekend diapers will become her weekday diapers – even wearing them to school. She struggles to finish, but falls asleep and misses the deadline. True to his word, Daddy tells her to get dressed without removing her wet diaper. It’s going to be a long, embarrassing day at school for Taylor.

2. Alisha got caught teasing her sister, who has a wetting problem and must wear diapers. As punishment, Daddy decides she needs a taste of her own medicine and puts her in diapers as well. When her friends tease her, she loses her cool and storms off to her room and pouts. Maybe now she will have some empathy for her poor sister.

3. When Daddy discovers that the toilet lock has been tampered with, he confront Mia about whether or not she has been using it. She hasn’t messed in three days and doesn’t seem to be in any distress, so he has his doubts. To make sure, he decides to give her a mini-enema, just in case she is constipated. She argues that she doesn’t need it, so he gives her a good spanking right there. After giving her the mini-enema, he locks her in the crib where she slowly loses control and fills her diaper.

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