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01/09 – New Diaper Girl Picky!

January 9, 2019

This week, we are happy to introduce a brand new diaper girl – Picky! Check out the new stuff and feel free to send in your requests for future videos. 🙂

1. Brand new diaper girl Picky joins Bunny and Red in the nursery for day of diapered daycare. In this clip, they play with the trains, kinetic sand, stuffies and blocks. Can you think of a more adorable group of diapered littles?

Picky and Bunny are wearing adorable onesies from

Red wears the Mammoth onesie from

2. Bunny and Iris are laying in the crib, both diapered and horny as hell. They start to fool around a little, which leads to a bit of diaper grinding and even some Hitachi action as they bring each other to orgasm. So hot!

3. From Red:

You look so hot in your diapers and there is nothing better than fooling around while we’re both thickly diapered. I rub your diaper until you’re nice and hard, then unfasten it to release your erection. With lots of lotion, I give you a handjob – stroking your cock and squeezing your balls.

I expected you to cum so much faster, but I know what always does the trick. Turning around, I rub my diapered ass over your penis and fill my diaper. You love when I mess myself, as is obvious by your rock hard cock pressing against my loaded pampers. Does it get any hotter than this?

4. This video was shot a few months ago, but it slipped through the cracks. Diapered housewife Red cooks a pie for Thanksgiving dinner. Wearing an apron and a thick diaper, she measures out all the ingredients and puts everything together and then into the oven. This girl literally does everything in diapers.

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  1. When I heard Picky was on here, I had to come check it out. Wish I was in better financial standing to get a membership. Love you Picky!

  2. I love Picky so much, but curious if we will get to see her properly punished. She’s awesome but can definitely be a brat. Definitely needs a bit of discipline to keep her under control. lol

  3. The girls playing with the trains in their thick disposable diapers is the cutest thing ever. How small is Picky? She looks like the most adorable diaper girl ever.

  4. I have a request that is really odd but please bear with me.

    When I was young, I had a train set just like that. I used to hide the diapers I stole from the neighbor’s house in the drawers with the extra trains because I knew my mother would never look there. I hid the clean diapers in one side and the used diapers in the other.

    I didn’t think about it at the time but wet diapers get stale and smell bad after a while. My mom was freaking out about the smell and did a full spring cleaning in my bedroom and found them. She thought the neighbor lady that watched me had stashed them there out of spite and they had a huge argument. When I admitted they were mine I was grounded for a month.

    Anyway, I would love to see a similar video if you can do it. Picky reminds me of myself a lot and would love to see her in that role. Any girl would work though.

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