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August 2018 #4

August 31, 2018

Diaper girls Alisha, Lolly, Muffin and Pookie bring you the fourth update for August 2018. Enjoy!

1. Alisha thought she could spend the day without diapers, but it wasn’t to be. Halfway through the day, her bladder gave out and she soaked her overalls down to the floor. Now wet and uncomfortable, she returns to the nursery and puts on a thick and thirsty diaper.

2. When Daddy finds out what Lolly has done to Muffin’s bottom(bruising it badly playing Mommy Dearest), he decides to give her a taste of her own medicine. So, over his knee she goes for a butt blistering session with the hairbrush. Once her bottom is bright red and bruised, he puts her on the changing table for a Fleet enema and a thick diaper.

Lolly kneels next to the bed, where Muffin is recovering from her own blistered bottom. It’s not long before she can no longer contain the enema and fills her diaper to capacity. Of course, Muffin is quite pleased with the turn of events.

3. Pookie hasn’t messed her diaper in a couple days, so Daddy decides to give her a mini-enema to keep her regular. Since she neglected to tell him about her constipation, he decides to teach her a lesson. Over his knee she goes for a hard hand spanking that turns her butt red. After her spanking, he gives her the mini-enema and diapers her up before sending her to the corner to think about her punishment. Twenty minutes later, she gives in to the cramps and fills her diaper for all to see. Do you think she will learn her lesson?

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