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August 2018 #3

August 22, 2018

Diapered Online’s third update for the month of August 2018. Enjoy!

1. Alisha is supposed to be sleeping, but her thick wet diaper is rubbing against her clit and she’s too horny to focus on sleep. There is only one recourse, but Daddy took away her magic wand and she will need to get creative. Using her pillows, she rubs the wet diaper against them hard – grinding away to a beautiful and intense orgasm. Finally spent, she lays down ready to sleep.

2. Kajira lays in bed after Daddy has finished putting her in double diapers and a onesie. She rolls around on the bed enjoying the feeling of the extra thick diaper rubbing against her pussy. A wetness begins between her legs as she unsnaps her onesie in order to feel the plastic of her diaper. Kajira is lost in ecstasy shortly afterwards as she enthusiastically humps the mattress. Upon reaching a long and forceful orgasm, Kajira lays down and falls asleep sucking on her thumb.

3. David brings a girl home, not thinking about his current living situation. When she sees his babyish room, he tells her he is staying with his aunt and it was the only room available. She seems to buy it at first, but after a few moments Aunt Lolly enters the room and decides to check David’s diaper.

Pulling down his pants, she realizes he is wearing underwear over his diaper, which is a serious violation of the rules. David’s new friend, Taylor, can’t help but stifle a laugh as this guy is emasculated by his aunt right in front of her. He is quickly stripped down to his soaking wet diaper and put on the changing table to be cleaned up. After wiping David clean, Lolly takes the insolent young man over her knee for a hard spanking. He struggles, but knows better than to pull away.

Well spanked, David is again placed on the changing table for a clean diaper with lots of powder. Taylor is having a hard time maintaining her composure, nearly bursting into laughter several times. Once the ordeal is over, and Aunt Lolly has left the room, David gives up on the idea of a new girlfriend and asks Taylor to leave.

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  1. Its a a good treatment to put it 24/7 into diapers and rubber pants. And dont forget a warm pantyhose ! Babies will not catch a illness ! Perhaps a rompersuit will be used for a good baby treatment ?

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