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Diaper Girls Everywhere!

August 22, 2011

Part 1

As the title says, they are popping up everywhere! Well, maybe not everywhere, but as time goes by I meet diaper girls in more and more ways. The biggest benefit of running this site is that they either email me or recognize me.

This particular time, I was visiting a friend in another city about 120 miles from home. On the way out, I stopped at a local restaurant for some food before the drive. This cute girl a few tables way kept staring at me, but I wasn’t sure why. She left before I did, but I finished only a few minutes later. When I left the restaurant, she was standing outside waiting for me.

She was very, very nervous when she approached me. Almost stammering her words, she asked if I was DaddyJ. I told her yes with a smile on my face and she became visibly relieved. We talked for a short while and she explained that she had always wanted to contact me, but had only recently turned 18. She also thought I was located on the East Coast for some reason.

To make a long story short, after discussing things in detail she decided she wanted to come for a visit. Not later, but now. This happened last night and right now she is wearing double thick diapers, locking plastic panties and footed pajamas. Her bowel movements are very regular and happen within 30 minutes of waking up every day, so she is currently dealing with trying to mess her diaper for the first time.

This visit is being recorded, but she is not yet sure she wants it to be shared. I will write more as the visit progresses. =)

Part 2

As promised, more about the girl I met at a restaurant…

Her name is Andrea(real name used with permission). She gave it a lot of thought, but has decided that she does not want her videos online. I told her I could hide her face, but she has a few too many recognizable tattoos to be comfortable with it.

Andrea has no idea why she craves diaper punishment and humiliation. She grew up in a very upper class family, with good parents and never needed for anything. Regardless, these cravings are a huge part of her life.

On the night I met her, she told me she thought she was going to have an anxiety attack waiting outside for me to come out and almost chickened out on talking to me. But, she figured if she just asked if I was DaddyJ and I said no, there would be nothing given away. Makes sense to me. We talked that night for about an hour before she asked if I was available for a domination session that night. I explained that I lived a couple hours away, but she was eager to follow me regardless.

After a 2.5 hour drive, we arrived at my place. I showed her into the house and after closing the door I ordered her to strip. The first thing I did was chastise her for not being diapered. “But I just got here” is what she said, but quickly realized that was the wrong response. I led her to the nursery and bent her over the edge of the changing table for the first spanking of her life. She had told me before that being spanked was a huge fantasy for her, but that she had never been spanked in her life and was quite nervous about it. I figured I would go easy at first and gauge her reaction.

Twenty hard swats with my hand left her ass quite pink and she was showing strong signs of being very horny, so I decided to pull off my belt and give her a dozen swats. It was clear she was about to orgasm from the spanking, so I stopped short and ordered her up on the table. She was clearly frustrated and was looking forward to an orgasm. Orgasms have to be earned though.

I placed two thick bambino diapers under her ass and sprinkled a liberal dose of baby powder onto her entire diaper area. She nearly had an orgasm when I pulled the first diaper tight and taped it into place. The second diaper was fastened tightly as well after I cut some drainage holes into the first diaper. A pair of pink locking plastic panties was pulled over the top and locked at the small of her back. The outfit was completed with a pair of footed pajamas and a pacifier.

We talked for a bit in the living room. I gave three bottles of juice to drink while we chatted. When it got late, I took her to my bedroom and locked her in the dog cage with orders to be quiet. If she woke me up, she would be severely punished. I went back to the living room and watched television for a few hours and found her fast asleep when I went to bed.

When I woke up, she had apparently already been awake for a couple hours. The smell of urine was already strong. I could tell by the look on her face that she needed to mess, but hadn’t been able to yet. Either that or she was hoping I would let her use the toilet. No such luck. I told her I would let her out of the cage when she had messed her diaper. At that point, I sat down at the computer and typed my first post about her.

Part 3

Andrea sat in the cage making some very frustrated noises. She shifted position several times, clearly trying to find a position that would allow her to mess. She finally settled on just sitting on her knees and sticking her ass out behind her. A few grunts later I heard the unmistakable sound of a load being released.

After finishing my work on the computer, I went to the cage and unlocked it. At this point she had been sitting in a messy diaper for about thirty minutes and the smell was quite strong. She had a confused look on her face when I led her upstairs rather than to the nursery. When we got to the dining room, I order up into the high chair. She climbed in very slowly, obviously worried about sitting directly on the load in her diaper. I smiled at the look on her face as sitting caused a nasty puff of odor to shoot from the top of the plastic pants directly into her face. Once the tray was attached to the high chair, I left her there for another fifteen minutes while I prepared breakfast.

I prepared bacon, eggs and pancakes for myself and a big bowl of cream of wheat for her. I set it on the tray of the high chair along with a big bottle of apple juice to wash it down. She scoffed at the giant bowl of cream of wheat, but I informed her she would not be let out of the high chair until she finished it all and would be receiving a spanking after breakfast – two swats for every minute it took her to finish.. It took her about 90 minutes to finish her breakfast and she was quite uncomfortable when I finally let her out of the chair.

We went downstairs to the nursery where I cleaned up her extremely messy diaper. I knew she had to head back home in an hour, so rather than put her into a fresh diaper right away I locked her into the pillory. 180 swats is a lot for a beginner, so I decided to start off a little slow and work into the harder stuff. The first twenty swats I used my hand to warm her up, which she very much enjoyed. The next twenty with the leather belt, which she also enjoyed. When we had talked the night before though, she had told me specifically that her fantasy was for the spankings to be punishment. With that in mind, I moved on to the harder implements in an attempt to see which would be punishment rather than pleasure.

The leather paddle brought her even closer to orgasm, so I only gave her ten swats. I decided to skip a few steps and went directly for the rubber covered oak paddle. Her demeanor changed instantly after the first swat with that mean bastard. She was begging me to stop after ten swats, but I informed her she still had 110 swats left of her earned spanking. After fifty swats, she was balling her eyes out and seemed resigned to her fate. With 80 swats left, I could tell she was near her limit.

Her ass was quite bruised and she wasn’t even fighting it all anymore. I decided to give her a treat and went back to the leather belt. Within ten swats of the belt, the tears dried up and an orgasm was building fast. By the thirtieth swat, she had a full blown orgasm. Over the next thirty swats, she managed two or three more orgasms. With twenty swats left, I returned to the rubber covered oak paddle and made her count out the last twenty swats.

At this point, she was exhausted. Both from the spanking and the orgasms. I rubbed lotion into her very bruised butt and told her what a good girl she was for taking her punishment. She thanked me repeatedly.

After releasing her from the pillory, I led her back to the changing table where I placed two thick diapers under her ass once more. They were taped up tight, but no plastic panties this time. We talked for another thirty minutes and then she had to head back home. She had a two hour drive ahead of her and had to work the next morning. She promised to come visit again soon. =)

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  1. I would love to meet girls like this you are a very lucky man I am on the east coast so if there are any girls here looking for a daddy I am here for you

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