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Diaper Punished Husband

May 1, 2013

My name is Cindy and for the last 16 years I have diaper punished my husband Jason…

You see, when I was 26 I went to this party on the other side of town. I’m not usually the party type girl as I was not blessed genetically. I’m 6’2″ tall and stocky and weigh in at 220 pounds. I’m not ‘fat’, but definitely thick and have always been surprisingly strong for a woman. I met Jason through a mutual friend that thought we would be perfect for each other, since he is also genetically cursed. He was 22 years old, 5’4″ tall, 115 pounds, very skinny and had really bad acne scars all over his face. Neither of us had many options for dates, so we just went with it. The first thing I noticed about Jason was that he was eager to please and very submissive. If I said I was thirsty, he would run to get me a drink. If I told him to do something, he would do it no matter how embarrassing or degrading it was.

The second time we went out I took him back to my place after a movie and dinner. I hadn’t had sex in a few years and needed a little attention in that department. He was awkward as hell and it was clear he was still a virgin. After he took his pants off I thought he wasn’t sexually excited, but quickly realized he simply had a really small penis. It was literally under three inches long and about as big around as my thumb. He climbed on top of me as I guided his every move. When he penetrated me, it felt like I was fingering myself. After grinding into my pussy for about thirty seconds, he had an orgasm and immediately went limp. I was actually angry at the point, because I was very much looking forward to having sex. I pushed him off in disgust and he actually asked me what was wrong. I lost it and gave him an earful about cumming so fast and having such a small penis. Most guys would have gotten pissed and stormed off, but Jason just kept asking how he could make it right. So, when I calmed down a little, I told him to go down on me. I had to give him a lot of instructions at first, but he ate my pussy for a solid thirty minutes until I orgasmed. Then we curled up and went to sleep.

When I woke up in the morning, I realized that Jason had pissed the bed and I was lying in the puddle of pee. I jumped out of bed and asked him what the hell happened. He told me that he had bladder problems and wet the bed sometimes. I was livid, because my mattress was soaking wet. As I took a shower, he cleaned off all the sheets and blankets. He told me he would go rent a steam cleaner and get it all spotless by the end of the day, which he did.

As much as I wasn’t attracted to Jason, I had to realize that my options were very limited. If he hadn’t been so submissive, I would have just kicked him to the curb. I liked the fact that I could have a guy around that would do whatever I said and figured I would give it a chance until he began to assert himself. Once his macho man attitude kicked in, I would send him on his way. 16 years later, he’s still as submissive as ever. But I’m here to talk about how I diaper punished him…

The next time Jason spent the night, he put down a plastic pad under the sheet on his side of the bed. It has cotton on one side with a plastic backing on the other. He said if he did piss the bed, it would absorb it and keep the bed dry. We awoke the next morning to find it had bunch up on the side of the bed while we were sleeping and once again he soaked my bed. I left him at my house to clean the mattress while I went to work. After work, I stopped at a medical supply store looking for a queen size rubber sheet. They didn’t have them any bigger than twin size, so I asked the lady that worked there what options I had for a boyfriend with a bedwetting problem. She suggested “Disposable Briefs”, which obviously turned out to be adult diapers. I bought a package of Attends and took them home.

When I got home, I realized Jason had done much more than steam clean the mattress. He meticulously cleaned the entire house. I’m not a messy person by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m also not a very well organized person. Everything I owned was neatly organized and cleaned. The layers of dust I had been collecting were gone. I thanked him and we made out a little before dinner. Turned out he could cook too.

That night, after Jason gave me another 30 second sexual performance followed by thirty minutes of cunnilingus, I told him I had a solution to his bedwetting problem. He had a surprised look on his face when I pulled the package of Attends out of the bag in the corner. When I opened the package and pulled out a “disposable brief” his instant response was to tell me he wasn’t going to wear a diaper. Not sure why, but that really aggravated me. I started yelling at him about pissing my bed twice already and even went on a tangent about his tiny penis. I stopped yelling when I saw him tear up as it looked like he was about to break down and bawl. I just stood there for a minute with the diaper in my hand, staring him straight in the eye. When the tears began to subside, I asked if he was going to accept being diaper punished. He nodded his head and said yes. After handing him the diaper, I watched as he tried to put it on. At first he tried to put it on backwards and I had to tell him the tape side was the back. Then he couldn’t get it straight, so I intervened and told him to lay down. Many hours of babysitting in my life kicked in and I expertly taped the diaper on him. We then crawled into bed and went to sleep.

The next morning his diaper was soaking wet and the bed was completely dry. I pointed out that fact to him and we had a short discussion about how wearing the diaper was better. I didn’t ask him if he was okay with it, I just let him know that he would be wearing them to bed from then on.

It was about a year later that his submissiveness was escalated. Jason’s brother had come to visit and he was a known drug addict. He kept trying to hit Jason up for money, but none of the money was his. I work and Jason stays home. Apparently after a bit of talking his brother was able to talk him into giving him $200 of my money. I was pissed and gave Jason an earful. I told him to go get my money back, but he said he didn’t know how to reach his brother.

At first I told him to get the fuck out of my house, which made him break down and cry. He begged me to forgive him and promised he would pay me back somehow. Still angry, I made an offhand comment that I should just beat his ass. His response was “Beat my ass if it makes you feel better”. I know he expected me to punch and kick him, but I suddenly had another idea. I grabbed a large wooden spatula out of the kitchen and told him to drop his pants and lay over my lap. He did so without hesitation. I rained down swats with the spatula in quick succession right on his ass. He whelped and squirmed, but I just pulled his arm to the small of his back and held him down. One of the benefits of being twice his size. The plan was to give him 200 swats for the $200 he gave away, but I lost count at 80 so I just kept going until I was sure I had passed 200.

When I was finished, his face was bright red, he was bawling his eyes out and had snot bubbles forming in his nostrils. His ass was quite bruised. I helped him stand up and then told him to stand with his nose in the corner and think about what he had done. I made him stand there, with his pants and underwear around his ankles for over an hour while he rubbed his bruised ass. I realized then and there that I really enjoyed being that dominant. I rubbed myself to one orgasm while watching him rub his ass in the corner. Then I put him on his knees to bring me to another orgasm with his tongue. It was only 6pm, but I told him he was to go to bed without dinner and think long and hard about giving away my money. I followed him into the bedroom and put him in his nightly diaper and tucked him in. I told him to stay in bed until morning, because I was going out to eat and would be home late. He didn’t argue.

After that incident, spanking became a regular part of our lives. Any time he backtalked or failed to do his chores adequately, I would spank him. He hated it, but he accepted it. Any time he earned a spanking, I would put him in a diaper right after no matter what time of day it was. He is usually spanked once or twice a month, as he is overall pretty obedient.

Being diaper punished is a bit more rare, other than the fact that he wears a diaper to bed every night for protection. The first time I diaper punished him was about six months after his first spanking. We were in the middle of making out and I started to undress him and found a huge skidmark in his underwear. It was disgusting to the point that it completely ruined the mood. Instead I took him into the other room and gave him a good hairbrush spanking while I chided him for being a disgusting pig. In the middle of the spanking, I found myself making a comment about how he must really need diapers since he couldn’t wipe his own ass correctly. That, of course, triggered the idea that he should be diaper punished. I made him spend the rest of the week in diapers to teach him a lesson about wiping his ass. The toilet was off limits for the duration of his punishment. When he messed his diaper, I made him sit in it for a while and would ask him how he liked sitting in his skidmark. When I changed his shitty diaper, I really laid on the humiliation and pretended that I might pass out from the disgusting state of his diaper.

We have now been together for a little over 16 years. Jason still wears diapers to bed every night, is spanked about twice a month and is diaper punished maybe once every two or three months. I have added other aspects to our relationship over the years as well. I bought a strapon dildo that is used on both of us. If I’m feeling particularly dominant, I will fuck Jason’s tight little ass with it. Otherwise, I make him wear it and fuck me. His three inch long prematurely ejaculating cock simply isn’t up to the task and sometimes I just need a good fucking. I also purchased a spanking bench with restraints for those times I want to use a paddle or belt(hard to use either over my knee). I have also updated to using ABDL print disposable diapers that I order online. I think it adds a bit to Jason’s humiliation.

In closing, I never thought something like this would turn me on so much, but I have to say the sight of my pussy of a husband in diapers really gets me wet. In fact, I have been known to spank him twice as long as planned simply because it turned me on so much that I would keep spanking until I came. I get a lot of pleasure from watching your videos. Please keep up the good work.

~ Cindy – Wife to a Diaper Punished Husband ~

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  1. All I can say is… WOW! What a lucky guy. He sounds so much like me as far as being submissive and child like. For me, I was diaper disciplined from the age of six to almost ten year-old by my foster mother and made to stand in front of the other children while she instructed them to call me a baby. I was diapered for almost any infraction ncluding being late to the table at meal times. For that, I would be put in just a diaper and made to sit in the high chair. A few years after leaving the foster home, I came across some diapers hanging on a clothes-line and immediately became excited. That was the start of a life-long fetish to be put back in diapers. Because my childhood diapering a were back in the early fifties, I only wore cloth diapers and so they are my favorite Comice. I feel an extra shame when being pinned into my diapers as it seems to add to the humiliation of being reduced to the status of babyhood. And because I was also made to use the diapers to wet, I learned to love the feeling of the wet cotton pressing against my groin. Makes me feel I really deserve to wear diapers. Gratefully, the foster mother did allow bathroom privileges when I needed to poop as she didn’t want to deal with messy diapers. But if I tried to trick her and just went to pee, she kept me in just the diapers all week including forcing me outside with the other children. Needless to sa, I only tried that once. Now, many years later, I married a wonderful woman who, though not really into it, will diaper me from time to time. She’s not very convincing as being aggressive but she tries. Sure wish she enjoyed it as much as you seem to. Like your man (baby), I would do anything you wanted just to be your little baby.
    Thanks for showing me there really are women out there that like greeting men like little children.

  2. Diaper punishment is real, and my wife would probably be good friends with Cindy, while Jason and I could sympathize with each other. My wife says I “have a very, very, very, VERY small wee-wee” (her words) and like Jason, I am spanked and sometimes slapped across my face by her. I have to wear diapers nightly and am not allowed intercourse with my wife. Once in a while I am allowed a “special tinkle” (her words for my cumming) in my diaper, so long as it is soaking wet. I am also allowed to “nurse” at those times. I no longer have male underwear in my drawer. My daily underwear is either flowered cotton panties with a thick bladder control pad, a “day diaper” like Breezers with plastic pants, or a thick Dry 24/7 diaper with plastic pants, depending on whether I will be home or out on errands. Nowadays, I would be wearing diapers anyhow due to mixed incontinence, so it isn’t as humiliating as it once was.

  3. You should do an enema next time and make him hold it in for an hour then keep his diaper that you used for the enema and make him sleep in the messy diaper.

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