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Diaper Punishment & Potty Training Weekends – by Sheri

March 31, 2017

I’ve been a bedwetter my whole life, but I was never punished for it until I turned 13. Up until then, my mother figured it wasn’t abnormal for a girl to wet the bed, but a bedwetting teenager was not acceptable. Starting on my 13th birthday, she started marking off days that I woke up wet. I had worn pull-ups to bed until I was 11, but then they no longer fit. Even though the package says “up to 125lbs”, they would simply rip down the side at night and my bed would get soaked. My parents had to buy adult diapers from the medical supply store, which were more expensive than pull-ups. I think the extra cost is part of the reason my mother was so upset and why my father let her punishment for it.

As part of my punishment, my mother would check every night at bed time to make sure I was wearing a diaper. In the morning, I had to find her and let her see if the diaper was dry or wet. If it was dry, I had to remove it carefully and save it for that night. If it was wet, I had to mark it off on the calendar and sit at the table with the family to eat breakfast in my soaking wet diaper. My younger brother and sister always thought it was hilarious to see me wearing a diaper.

On the first Saturday of each month, my mother would count the number of wet nights I had. Five or less was considered an improvement. If it was more than 5, she would start by taking me over her lap for the same type of spanking I would get for any other infraction, but then I had to bend over the kitchen table and she would give me one swat for each wet night with her school paddle. After my spanking, she would put me in a diaper for the rest of the day. She would ‘check’ my diaper several times throughout the day, then take me to the bathroom to sit on the toilet for fifteen minutes. The same way she potty trained all of us. If I had to use the bathroom between diaper checks, I had to wait. If I couldn’t hold it, and wet the diaper, my potty training was extended to Sunday as well. That only happened three times ever and only because she would get sidetracked with projects and forget to check on me. During my potty training days, I had to stay in the house wearing only a pajama top and my diaper. If my siblings brought friends over, I was allowed to stay in my room, but my mother had no issues with dragging me down the hall to the bathroom while people watched.

When I was 15, my nighttime wetting slowed considerably and by 16 had all but stopped. For some weird reason I missed the attention I had gotten for wetting the bed and craved the punishment and humiliation. After two months of only wetting the bed 2-3 times, I missed the potty training days and sitting at the breakfast table in a wet diaper. So I started wetting in the morning on purpose. The first month, I did it just enough to earn a punishment. The following month, I was wet half the month.

That was part of my life all the way up until I was 19, when I finally got enough scholarships and grants to go to college. I knew I was going to miss the punishments when I moved away, but it was shortlived. I met an awesome guy on FetLife and he has taken over where my mother left off. He is much better at it too.

Signed, Sheri

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  1. Did you enjoy when your mother spanked you? I don’t mean for that to sound like an odd question. It just seems that you could have wet on purpose less to the potty training day with less of a paddling. I’m just genuinely curious.

    1. No and yes. It’s complicated. It wasn’t a sexual enjoyment at all. I had a lot of issues when I was younger. I experimented with cutting, because I needed the release that the pain afforded me. But I realized that being spanked/paddled was just as effective and didn’t leave scars. Whenever those feelings would build up to the point that I needed an outlet, I would just get in trouble, so she would spank me. It hurt, but the relief was intense, because she spanked so hard.

      1. Thanks for answering. That makes a lot of sense. Hopefully you didn’t cause too much trouble earning those spankings. I would have been branded a troublemaker and sent to military school if I did that. lol

        1. It was pretty easy actually. We were never a particularly religious family. We went to church like four times a year. But my mother was very strict about using the Lord’s name in vain. I would just pretend that I was annoyed by homework or something and say “God Dammit” or “Fucking Christ”. That was always enough to warrant a butt bruising with the paddle or her famous wooden spoon.

    1. Aside from the diapers and diaper checks, not at all. She considered it punishment and the embarrassment was supposed to teach me a lesson. It had the opposite effect, but she never knew that. The fact is that it was extremely humiliating at the time and I wanted it to stop, but after a few days I would crave it. I definitely had a love/hate relationship with the entire thing.

      1. I know the feeling. My wife is very dominant, which is one of the main reasons we got together. Most of the time we are a very normal couple, but on occasion she decides it’s punishment time and she will diaper me for a weekend. As exciting as the prospect is, it’s very humiliating and embarrassing when it’s happening, because I’m in such a prone position. I legitimately dislike it while it’s happening, but afterwards I look back on it fondly.

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