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Diaper Punishment – Is it really a punishment?

December 11, 2012

Is diaper punishment really a punishment if the person being punished wants it? I’ve heard this debate before, and have been asked about it many times in the past, so I thought I would weight in on the subject. My thoughts on the subject vary depending on the circumstances, so I have tried to break them down into parts.

Be careful what you ask for…

This is the obvious argument. Many girls crave diaper punishment, but without any previous experience they aren’t prepared for what they have asked for. I have had more than a few girls freak out early on, because reality did not match the fantasies in their head. I have had girls have panic attacks at the simple prospect of being diapered under their clothes in public. These same girls will do so by themselves, but when you add an actual dominant partner, the realization that he could expose them at any point is too much to bear.

My favorites are the girls that travel to see me with strict instructions that they wish to endure diaper punishment for their entire weekend stay. That no matter what they say, they wish it to continue. Most of them regret that decision, but I enforce it. Of course, I am very good at reading body language and can tell the difference between true distress and simple fear of the unknown.

Is the sub “topping from the bottom”?

“Topping from the bottom” is a common BDSM term to refer to a submissive that leads a scene or relationship. An example of this would be a submissive that tells the dominant how to punish her. It can vary from her having a specific script she wishes to act out or can simply be giving commands on what to do, how to do it and when to stop. If this is the case, then I must say I do not believe this to be true punishment. It is fantasy roleplay and nothing more.

She enjoys wearing diapers, so how is it punishment to diaper punish her?

This one is more tricky from a philosophical point of view. However, after speaking at length with many submissive girls, I must say that I do believe it can still be a punishment. Not always, but very commonly would be classified as true diaper punishment.

It’s all about mindset. Many girls enjoy fantasizing about the idea of being put into diapers, but it’s not particularly the diapers that turns them on. It’s the idea that she is being controlled and humiliated by her dominant partner. Knowing that her partner is in complete control is what drives her desire. She is trusting that he will do what is right and not subject her to more humiliation than she deserves.

I’m not a submissive, so I’m not really equipped to explain the intricacies of the submissive mindset. It is fairly common, though, for submissives to derive all of their pleasure from seeing the pleasure they bring to their dominant. In many cases, these submissive diaper girls only crave diaper punishment because it somehow became a key point in their fantasies of submission. Perhaps they knew someone dominant that liked diaper girls, read a story about diaper punishment, had a friend who was diapered or threatened with diaper punishment in the past. There are many triggers.

Diaper Punishment Corner Time

What about the other aspects of diaper punishment?

There are many aspects of diaper punishment that reinforce the idea that it is truly a punishment. It is common for those being diaper punished to be punished in other ways. Spanking is a prime example. Even though many girls derive great pleasure from being spanked, I have never met one that enjoys the actual spanking. In my experience, it seems to be split fairly evenly into three groups:

* Those that enjoy the after effects of a spanking. The actual spanking is very painful and not at all enjoyable. A true punishment. However, after the spanking, these girls enjoy looking at their red, bruised and welted asses in the mirror. They enjoy the sensation that they have just been spanked. These girls will often request a spanking when the welts and bruises have healed.

* Those that dislike the spanking and the after effects, but feel proud that they have endured such a punishment for their dominant. These girls often confess to misdeeds to earn a spanking, simply because they wish to please their daddy.

* Those that abhor being spanked and will do anything to avoid it. To them, spanking is simply painful. There is no aspect of being spanked that they enjoy, but they understand that being spanked often comes with the territory during diaper punishment. These girls will plead to not be spanked and will usually offer alternatives. I consider it important to not give into such requests, as a good spanking works best on these girls.

Aside from spanking, there is the loss of priveledges. While enduring diaper punishment, a girl loses her toilet priveledges for one. Spending the duration of her punishment wetting and messing her diapers can be punishment in itself, considering most girls don’t realize just how uncomfortable a few hours in a messy diaper can be.

So, can ABDL girls really experience true diaper punishment or is it simply fantasy fulfillment?

I truly believe that diaper punishment is really a punishment for most. There are obvious exceptions, of course, but in general I believe it to be as stated. In fact, if I believe a girl is having a little too much enjoyment from her punishment, I will push her limits a bit. Usually just far enough to take her out of her comfort zone and back into the correct headspace.

If you have an opinion on the matter, please comment below. =)


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  1. I agree with this. As one of the girls you speak of I do consider it real punishment. Just being controlled by a strong paternal figure is what I want. Its not a sexual thing for me. Just like the way it makes me feel to be controlled and at the mercy of my daddy. Its a very peaceful feeling that most people wouldnt understand.

  2. as a diaper boy i also agree. being a diaper boy turns me on but being punished is not enjoyible. diaper punishment means different things to different people as well. my mommy might punish me by exposing my diapers to strangers or friends which is not fun to me. or she might make me wear my messy diaper for extended periods which is very uncomfortable. but i always know she will change me and the joy of being a diaper boy will come back. love diapers but dislike diaper punishment even though the idea of it excites me the actual punishment sucks.

  3. I know for me personally it just depends. Sometimes the real humiliation of getting caught is a huge rush and turn on. However, it actually would be a horrible punishment to really be humiliated….It also depends what age I feel.

    I think with ABDLs it really different for everyone. Sometimes even just by how said person feels.

  4. I would totally agree with it as I am one that always had fantasies f being put in diaper punishment (have not had the pleasure yet) but if it were to happen i know i would reist and try to talk my way out of it but would want it where i have no choice in it but to be punished in diapers

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