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Diaper Punishment – What is it?

November 5, 2015
Diaper Punishment
Diaper Punishment – Alisha locked in pillory.

Diaper punishment and diaper discipline are fetish roleplay and part of the ABDL(Adult Baby & Diaper Lover) lifestyle. Many people, including myself, enjoy these sorts of dynamics. Some enjoy being the dominant partner – Daddy, Mommy, Caregiver, etc. Others prefer to be submissive or ‘Little’.

In diaper punishment roleplay, one or more people wear diapers as a form of punishment. While diapers are the primary focus, other fetishes are often incorporated as well. Pretty much anything you can think of under the BDSM umbrella can be incorporated into diaper punishment. Some common fetishes would be spanking, bondage, humiliation, public play, enemas, butt plugs, etc.

Age play is a large part of this dynamic, though it is not required. Some people wish to re-imagine themselves as younger and diapers being a form of punishment for wrongdoing. A common theme would be age playing as a teenager who is disciplined with diapers for breaking rules. This form of punishment is usually temporary, which makes it a bit different than diaper discipline.

In diaper discipline, the submissive partner is kept in diapers for a longer period of time and not necessarily for breaking the rules. Often diapers are used as a means of preemptive discipline. IE, you are less likely to get in trouble if you’re kept in diapers. The embarrassment of being seen in diapers by others can be very effective in keeping a submissive on the straight and narrow.

Often, the two are used together to great effect. Someone that is kept in diapers long term for discipline might be punished temporarily with thicker diapers, thinner clothes or fewer diaper changes. The possibilities are nearly endless.

For some, this is a lifestyle. They wear diapers 24/7 and are often forbidden to use the toilet. For others, it is an occasional thing. They may only be diapered when they have displeased their dominant partner or simply because their partner wishes to humiliate them. Diaper punishment and discipline is not for everyone, but those of us that enjoy it would never give it up.

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