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Diapered in Hospital – by Sadie

January 3, 2013

Hey there DaddyJ. I saw you were having a contest for people that wrote stories so thought I would share my own.

I’m a 26 year old woman that developed a diaper fetish as an adult in a very strange way. When I was younger – 18-19 years old – I was quite the rebellious party girl. Always getting drunk with friends, doing extacy and other stupid shit. I also had a thing for being humiliated and abused. Whenever I would get depressed I would find a guy that would treat me like shit and I would actually feel better in the short term. It never lasted though, because as soon as the depression eased up I could only see them as assholes.

When I was 20, I went to a rave and did some extacy, then got completely hammered on champagne. I drank way too much and ended up passing out in a ditch and breaking my leg. I vaguely remember riding in an ambulance when the medics woke me up to ask what all I had taken. The next time I woke up, I was vomiting non-stop. It was at that point that I realized I was cuffed to a hospital bed by one hand and I was wearing a diaper. Apparently I had been quite combative when they brought me in and I had to be subdued. When I asked why I was wearing a diaper, the nurse told me the medicine they gave me for the alcohol poisoning was going to give me nasty diarrhea. I insisted I could use the bathroom just fine and she told me if I could that would be helpful.

I passed out again and the next time I woke up, I had to puke and shit at the same time. I didn’t even have time to climb out of the bed before I double over, puking into the bag they had left on my bed. At the same time I felt a stream of shit explode from my ass into the diaper. The nurse came entered the room in the middle of all this and just sat there watching me patiently until the convulsions stopped. When I had stopped puking, she handed me a new puke bag and put the other into a biohazard bag. Then she grabbed a clean diaper from the cabinet and some wipes and asked “Are you done down there too?”. It was very humiliating, but I nodded yes.

As she changed my diaper, she asked if I was calm enough to have the restraint removed from my wrist. I promised that I was calm. It felt weird to have someone cleaning shit off my ass, but at the same time the humiliation was incredible. She rolled me back and forth to get everything clean and then did it again to get me into a clean diaper. She said that hopefully I would be able to make it to the toilet, but the medicine was going to make it difficult. Then she uncuffed me and left the room.

I barely remember dozing off again, but woke up with a desperate need to shit again. I climbed out of bed, but as soon as my feet hit the floor my ass erupted yet again. I think it was the act of standing and gravity working against me, because it just kept coming and coming. A stream of loud farts broke up the otherwise constant flow of diarrhea. I must’ve looked quite the sight just standing there with my ass sticking out as I filled my diaper. Every little bit that passed into the diaper reduced the cramping I felt in my belly, so when the uncontrollable part ended I just stood there and pushed more out until the cramps were bearable.

Right as I was finishing, I turned to see the nurse standing in the doorway watching me. I started to cry from the embarrassment, but she seemed unphased and simply told me it happens to everyone that gets the same meds. As she helped me into the bed and retreived another clean diaper, she lectured me about the evils of underage drinking and drinking too much. Telling me if someone hadn’t called 911, I would likely be dead right now.

I was only in the hospital for a day, but my desire for abuse and humiliation now focused on diapers. I wanted nothing more than to be put into diapers and made to use them uncontrollably. I did manage to straighten up my act though and stopped the partying and went back to school and got my GED. Then I did two years in community college to become a dental assistant.

My experiences since then include two stays in your nursery, which were awesome, and a couple of unfortunate playdates with so-called Daddy types. Now I am dating my new Daddy. He’s awesome. He keeps me in diapers most of the time, but sometimes I can’t be diapered. I get a series of enemas every weekend and I am spanked at every diaper change. Every aspect of my life is under his control and I love it.

Thank you so much for the wonderful site. I adore it and you. Keep up the good work!

– Sadie –

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  1. Believe it or not I had a very similar experience. I’m a guy and I was partying really hard in college. Drank way too much showing off and had alcohol poisoning. They gave me meds to clear out the alcohol and put me in a diaper for the uncontrollable diarrea. At one point I made it to the bathroom but had to make a choice between sitting on the toilet or vomiting into it. Since I was wearing a diaper I decided to use it to vomit to make less of a mess. I’m sure I looked funny on my knees in front of the toilet puking my guts out while I filled my diaper.

  2. I have to be put in adult diapers and adult plastic pants because I love wetting my pants andour bed so she makes me wear diapers and adult plastic baby pants and lets alot of people se me in them and makes me drink ot of a adult baby bottle and I love it. I am a Adult Baby.

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