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Diapered in the Boy’s Home – By Bart

September 3, 2014

A couple people asked for more information about my time at the home for troubled youth. Perhaps you can post this for me under the letters section?

In 1966, I got into trouble at school for being “rebellious”. My dad has died the year before and my mother was quite stressed. She broke down in front of the school officials when called in to talk about my behavior and they decided that my mom needed a break. So, I was sent to a home for troubled youth while she got her life in order. They didn’t tell me how long I would be there and I remember I only had a couple days to say goodbye to friends before my mother dropped me off.

They called it a school, which sort of made sense. There were several buildings on the campus, which was only about 10 acres in size and surrounded by a 12 foot fence. It was basically a prison, as we weren’t allowed to leave. There was a school house, dorms, cafeteria, gym and playground.

I won’t get into the details of the day to day activities, but it was mostly as would be expected. Wake up, eat breakfast, go to school, lunch, extra-curriculars, dinner, free time and bedtime. The first day I got there, they asked if I was a bedwetter. I couldn’t remember ever wetting the bed, so I told them I was not. They assigned me to a dorm room with other boys my age and another boy was assigned to teach me the ropes.

When he was showing me around campus, we walked by the nurse’s office and he pointed out that the dorm room attached to the nurse’s office was for the bedwetters. We laughed about all the boys that had to sleep in diapers and he told me how much they got picked on. I also remember seeing large cloth diapers and rubber pants hanging from the clothes line behind that dorm.

Near the end of my first day, as we were finishing up dinner, the nurse came in and called for all Dorm 6 students to follow her. As several students stood to join her, the other students snickered and made comments about diapers. They all hung their heads in shame as they followed her out of the cafeteria.

After dinner, we had a couple hours of free time to play games and horse around outside until bed. I remember playing cards with a couple other boys in the game room when a couple of the bedwetter boys came in to join us. They were wearing their pajamas already and it was clear they were wearing diapers under them. They were quietly teased about it, but nobody would do anything loudly or risk punishment. Then, a few minutes before eight o’clock, they all left and headed back to their dorm. Apparently bedwetters went to bed at 8pm, while everyone else went to bed at 9pm.

It didn’t take me long to settle in and I reverted to my old ways. I was constantly playing practical jokes that got me sent to the principal’s office. He would make me write lines or clean chalkboards. One time, I had intended to play a joke on principal and caused him to drop his coffee mug. I got paddled six times for that one. My story though is about diapers, so I will get to that.

One day, I thought it would be funny to put a tack on the teacher’s stool. When she sat down, she freaked out and ended up falling down and hurting her ankle. My ‘friends’ ratted me out after the principal threatened to punish everyone, so I got another half dozen swats and was moved to the bedwetter dorm to “cure my infantile behavior”.

I remember trying to hide myself when the nurse came to get everyone after dinner, but my friends all stared at me as I joined her at the doorway. I had already told them it was a punishment and not for bedwetting, but they still thought it was funny. When we got to the dorm room, I had to join the other boys in line outside of the nurse’s office. One by one the boys went into the room and came out a couple minutes later wearing a diaper and rubber pants. They would then head to their bunk and pull on their pajama pants.

When it was my turn, I went into the room and the nurse told me to remove my pants and lie down on the bed. I did as I was told and she pulled out a cloth diaper and rolled me back and forth until it was centered under my ass. Then she pulled it up tight and pinned both sides with safety pins. A pair of milky white rubber pants was pulled up over it and she told me to send in the next boy. I blushed when I walked out of her office, but everyone else was in the same situation. I just went to my new bunk and pulled my pajama pants up over the diaper.

Another boy explained how it worked. If you went a solid week without bedwetting, you could move back to a regular dorm. Basically, my punishment was a week in night diapers, since I wasn’t actually a bedwetter. However, it didn’t take me long to realize this system was set up for failure. Once diapered, there were no bathroom visits allowed. The bedwetters couldn’t make sure to use the toilet right before bed or get up in the middle of the night to pee. If you couldn’t hold it through the night, you were out of luck. This is why most of the bedwetters stayed in that dorm for good.

I didn’t have any problems, though my bladder was usually aching when I got up in the morning. The morning ritual was simple. The nurse would wake us up and then go bed to bed checking diapers. If you were wet, she would mark it off in her chart. Once checked, we were sent to the showers where we removed the rubber pants and diapers and placed them in a pail before showering.

At this point in my life, I had never had an orgasm before. I did masturbate a lot though, because it felt good to rub myself through my underwear. It just never culminated in anything before. On my fourth night in the bedwetter dorm, I was rubbing myself through the diaper and realized the thickness of the diaper made it feel so much better. After a couple minutes of this, I felt myself orgasm for the first time and I almost freaked out. When I realized my diaper was full of cum, I thought for sure the nurse would see it and I would get in a lot of trouble.

My young brain quickly hatched a plan and I decided that I would just piss myself to hide the cum stains. It took a little while, but I finally managed to release my bladder and I remember how amazing the warmth felt as it spread throughout the diaper. Before falling asleep, I ended up masturbating to another orgasm.

In the morning, I remember the nurse saying “I thought you weren’t a bedwetter” in a snarky tone. I complained that not being able to use the toilet in the middle of the night was unfair, but she insisted if I had any control it shouldn’t matter. My week in the bedwetter dorm officially started over that day.

The rest of the day, I kept thinking about my first orgasm and how good it felt. My mind wandered a bit and I realized I was forming a connection between that amazing feeling and the diapers. After that, I relished in the feeling of the diaper as I lay in bed and rubbed myself – being careful not to have an actual orgasm. Then, on the last night I needed to be dry to go back to a normal dorm, I made the decision that I didn’t want to go back to a normal dorm. I rubbed myself to several orgasms and then drenched the diaper before falling asleep.

After that, I made sure to piss myself every few days to keep myself there. After ten months, it was time to go home, but I wanted to stay. I thought about getting myself in trouble, but I feared the amount of trouble I would need to cause to keep myself there might backfire on me. After I left there, diapers were on my thoughts for the rest of my life.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I’m much younger, being born in ’78, but I spent time in juvenile hall for joyriding with a friend when I was 15. My diaper fetish was already in full force by then, but I remember a couple of the inmates there being given disposable diapers before light’s out. Never saw anyone wearing them, but the nurse would do rounds with prescriptions and hand them out. I think it’s safe to assume they were bed wetters.

    1. Sounds like my experience. I was in juvenile hall for six weeks for shoplifting. I wet the bed so they put me in the medical ward. The nurse would come around with a cart and give out tylenol, prescriptions and sleeping pills. She would give a couple of us these really flimsy medical diapers that we would put on in the bathroom before bed. It’s where my fetish began, but I have upgraded to much thicker diapers. LOL

    1. Didn’t see any messy diapers while I was there. Although, there was a story circulating about a kid that got into a lot of trouble and was given castor oil and kept in diapers until it ran it’s course. No clue if it was true though.

    1. They did at first, but I told them I was sent there as punishment and that rule didn’t apply to me. I had to stay in that dorm until the principal ended my punishment. They seemed to buy it and I reinforced it by complaining to them every couple weeks about talking the principal and his refusal to let me move back to a regular dorm.

      At one point, I went a week without wetting myself, because I was going through a fetish purge cycle. As the nurse was checking us in the morning, I realized the only way back in would be to wet the bed in a regular dorm. So I quickly released my bladder and pissed myself as she was checking the boy before me.

  2. I wish I could of gone to a school like this . I was a bed wetter for real . An I would loved having a nurse put me in diapers every night . An then check me in the morning .

  3. Thanks for sharing, Bart. It’s tough to imagine there were no messy incidents given the strict curfew. They must’ve known how to feed you right.

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