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Domestic Disciplinarian – by Debra

February 8, 2017

Hello Mr. Washington. I just wanted to write and tell you what a great resource your web site has become for me and share a little about my life.

I am an older woman, but I will never divulge my actual age, that operates as a professional disciplinarian. Not your typical dominatrix or paid fetish partner, but a dedicated spankophile and domestic disciplinarian.

Over the last twenty years I have spanked hundreds of bottoms – both male and female. Some of them are paid clients and others are just for fun. My number one rule is that anyone coming to me for discipline will receive a long, hard spanking that will always end with a bruised bum.

A couple years ago, I had one boy come to me for discipline and when I pulled him over my knee I noticed his padded bottom. Upon closer inspection I found the disposable diaper he wore under his jeans. Down those came and I spanked him extra hard for not telling me. That incident triggered something in me and I began to look into diapers as a form of discipline as well. He was kind enough to guide me to your web site, which has been quite helpful.

A new rule was added shortly after that. If you fuss too much or wet yourself during a spanking, you go straight into diapers after your time out in the corner. Most of my charges didn’t like this new rule, but the choice was to accept it or not see me for discipline.

Over time, I began to incorporate other aspects of diaper discipline, including toilet restriction for charges that spend more than a few hours with me. I have administered many enemas as well, which is always quite humiliating for them.

In closing, nothing will ever topple my love for spanking, but I have a newfound love for domestic diaper discipline.

Yours Truly, Debra

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  1. I wish there were more women like you. I have tried to find a disciplinarian here for years, but even the ones that charge aren’t very good at it. If I could find someone that really knew what they were doing I would definitely be willing to pay.

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