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Enema Girl – by W.A.

August 29, 2012

I used to be on a kink & bondage site for alternative lifestyles, and I was checking my Inbox and saw I had a message. The message was from a woman in New Mexico, and she stated she owned and ran an Enema website. I don’t remember what the site was called, this was about 4 years ago. But in her letter, she explained she had experienced many enemas, but never in a diaper, and never without bondage involved. We talked back and forth for several days, she explained to me she would be visiting Virginia Beach, for a few days and hoped we could get together. We talked frequently, and she told me she was married and no sex, and I was totally okay with that, and still willing to play.

She had a Hotel Room, on the waterfront, I think it was on the 7th or 8th floor. I took off from work early that day, had packed a toy suitcase with plenty of bondage toys and diapers of course !!. I made one stop, and that was to pick up some Ginger Root. Ginger Root is perfect for naughty girls and absolutely wonderful for spankings.

I arrived at the Hotel, and was going through the lobby, it’s always kind of tense driving around with that amount of toys and equipment, I always think ~ what would I say, if I was pulled over~ from all apperances, the suitcase full of toys, looks like a kidnapper’s dream. I was just missing the chloroform. So going through the Lobby to the elevator was nerve wracking slightly.

I knocked at the proper door, and was greeted with a nice smile and we talked. She admitted to me, she had over prepared, and was quite constipated and uncomfortable in her bowels. I mentioned to her, I was pretty sure I would be able to help her. I opened my toy suitcase, and we played show and tell, I let her examine all the toys and ask questions, she mentioned how thick some of the diapers were, I had brought an assortment.She asked about the ginger root, and I told her it was a surprise.

I laid a thick Abena X plus out on the bed, helped her take off her clothes and soon after tied the diaper onto her, using my front to back,each side. square knot method, like a string bikini, but a square knot, not a bow knot. The way I do it, diaper is nice and snug, and with zero chance of the tapes coming undone. It also allows you to slide the diaper up and down, without it losing any snugness.

We relaxed on the couch, while she elaborated on some of her intrests, and shared some wine. She sipped hers from a baby bottle for some humiliation, the balcony doors and drapes were wide open, with a great view. Being 7 or 8 floors up, I felt it was private. Within a few minutes, I looked down, and the wetness indicator on the front of her diaper, had changed color, I scolded and told her she was naughty, pulled her diaper down and gave her a blistering spanking with my hand and then a paddle. I then tied her wrists and arms to a lamp fixture, and she immediatly put her mouth aganist the crotch of my shorts and said “I want that” I teased her, by unzipping my shorts and she licked my underwear, but I told her she would need to poop her diaper first.

She grunted and pushed and strained trying to go, and told me she had deliberately constipated herself, she wanted to make a nice full diaper,but her plan backfired. I gagged her and led her into the bathroom, tied her to the shower curtain rod, while I prepared an enema bag, I attempted to give her an enema, and just could not get any into her, no matter what position I had her restrained in. Finally, I gave up on the enema, got some suppositories from my suitcase, and lubricated them up slightly, and one by one, gently inserted them, and pushed them up, with my finger as far as I could. I pulled her diaper up, led her out to the balcony by the collar with a leash clipped on. I tied her leash to the balcony railing, and sat down in a chair to wait.

She made cute “mmmpppfff” sounds in her ball gag, while I explained she would very soon have no choice and would poop her diaper. No one from below could see us, but I do remember a U.S. Navy Destroyer about 2 miles off the coast, and if they were using binoculars or the “Big Eyes”, they could see clearly. I know, I’m retired Navy, and when Ships I was on, anchored in various ports and bays, we used binoculars and big eyes to peek into hotel rooms.

She started squirming, and I had her face away from me, and as if on cue, her diaper suddenly expanded and bulged as she loaded her diaper. I teased and scolded her about how full it was, and how her diaper was sagging and bulging with all the over preparing she had done. And I enjoyed humiliating her, as the suppositories continued to cause her to mess her diaper. I finally had her turn around and I took her gag out, and she gave me a blowjob while she continued to expel into her diaper, soon I orgasmed into her mouth.

I brought her inside,she was quite smelly with her diaper loaded, and gave her the ginger root, and told her to peel the ginger and carve it into a butt plug, while I watched. I had brought a vegetable peeler and a small knife. She went to work, blushing as I teased her about the bulge I could see in the back and bottom of her diaper. When she finished, I laid her on the bed, and changed and cleaned her, It was quite a bit of work, and she was utterly humiliated and hid her face under a pillow, I powdered her up nicely and diapered her into a Mega Careline diaper ( I don’t think they are around anymore).

I restrained her hands with cuffs and rope to a Hotel chair, causing her to be slightly bent over, pulling her diaper down, I slipped the ginger root into her anus, just enough for it to be held and give her a nice sting, and pulled her diaper up. She immediatly felt the effects, so I re-gagged her to muffle her growing in volume voice. She squirmed at the Ginger Root/ Figging, stinging and burning, I didn’t wait long and pulled her diaper down and gave her a harsh spanking  and reminded her to relax, clenching causes the Ginger to burn even worse. Finishing up, I released her and gave her instructions to stay in that diaper until Morning, I took the ginger root out, and she asked me to sit down, when i did, she gave another blowjob.

I finished, put all my toys away. And she walked me to the elevator, in a last act of humiliating her, I had her carry her poopy diaper down the hallway and she was mortified. I had several grocery bags for her to wrap and enclose and seal the diaper in, but she had to think about anybody coming into the hallway or arriving on the elevator. Was absolutely a wonderful time and experience !!


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