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February 2017 #4

February 28, 2017

This update we have six videos featuring some of your favorite diaper girls. Enjoy!

1. Pookie is in big trouble, so Daddy locks her in the pillory for her punishment. After pulling down her diaper, he gives her a good hard spanking with the belt that leaves welts and bruises. Next, he gives her a full two quart enema, which distends her belly from the pressure. After he pulls her diaper back up, she spends the next 15 minutes filling the diaper uncontrollably.

After she has learned her lesson, Pookie is taken from the pillory to the high chair – with locking plastic pants to ensure no leaks – to finish her lunch. It’s hard to sit in the high chair in such a full diaper, and the stench is interfering with her appetite, but she knows better than to refuse to eat.

2. Taylor and Alisha are on the nursery floor coloring, when Taylor feels a familiar urge in her bladder. She shifts positions a few times to get comfortable and then floods the thick diaper. Alisha notices, but only watches from the corner of her eye.

3. Mia is getting ready for gymnastics, so she stretches and practices some of her basic tumbling moves. She looks absolutely adorable and very limber as she stands on her hands, does the splits and so much more.

4. Alisha is in detention, diapered under her school skirt, and sitting at her desk scribbling on paper. The teacher comes in and reminds her that she is supposed to be writing lines on the board, so she stands up and gets to work – fully aware that anyone walking by the classroom might see her thick diaper peeking out.

5. Pookie is diapered and put into a short dress for her trip to the mall with Daddy. She is upset that her diaper sticks out a little under her dress, but she knows better than to argue. A few hours later, after returning home, Pookie is spanked and changed for her behavior while they were shopping.

6. Taylor is on the floor in front of the TV, playing an older game she hasn’t played before. Her thick diaper crinkles as she shifts arounds to get comfortable. An adorable video of a little gamer girl.

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