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February 2018 #1

February 5, 2018

First update for February 2018. Enjoy!

1. Alisha is ready for bed as she enters the nursery in her denim overalls. Her diaper is soaking wet, so she will need a change. After peeling off the wet space diaper, she cleans up and tapes on a clean diaper. After some lotion to soften her skin, she pulls on the thick footed PJs with the butt flap. With her diaper sticking out, she climbs into the crib.

2. Staying in shape is hard work, but Pookie is determined to maintain her flawless body. She puts on one of her favorite exercise videos and gets her heart rate up while still thickly diapered.

3. From Pastel: “It was all fun and games until the fire nation attacked. Just kidding It was all fun and games UNTIL Daddy attacked, spinning me around so fast I couldn’t stop the impending doom that is the paddle. Each time I kicked my feet to get away, he just brought me back – swatting my legs and bum wherever he could. I felt like a pinata, except no candy was coming out – only pee! Despite the whacks to my tender backside, I had a great time. If you like behind the scenes videos, you’ll love this one.”

4. Dolly is sitting at the table in a very messy diaper. She made the mistake of asking Daddy for a diaper change after filling her diaper, so he is making her write lines. She won’t be getting changed until she finished.

5. Alisha is locked in the cage on time out after getting angry and yelling at Daddy. It’s morning and she hasn’t had a bowel movement yet, which is causing her some distress. She can only hold out for a few minutes, before she turns around and fills her diaper. Unfortunately, she is going to be in the cage for at least a couple more hours.

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