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February 2018 #2

February 14, 2018

Second update for the month of February. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

1. Alisha has had a long, hard day at work and really needs to unwind. First stop – the nursery – where she finds a cute diaper, strips down and tapes it up. Lots of powder and lotion is necessary of course. After covering up with an adorable onesie, she lays down for a well deserved nap.

2. Muffin has wet her pullup again, so she has to mark the day on her wetting chart. It’s the end of the month, so she has to count up the number of days she woke up wet. Unfortunately for her, it was too many and now she gets to spend the next month in diapers. Daddy takes her to the changing table and tapes her up into a thick, absorbent diaper. Something that will stand up to her frequent wetting throughout the school day. Afterward, Muffin has to get dressed and try to hide the diaper from her classmates. It’s going to be a long month!

3. Pastel is thickly diapered and wanting to play with David’s long hair. He relents and allows her to brush and style his hair while he tries to sit still.

4. Alisha’s diaper is covered by her denim overalls, but when nature strikes she still has to answer. Leaning against the crib, she struggles to fill her diaper, despite the overalls pressing against the fluffy diaper and interfering. After several minutes of trying, she manages to empty her bowels, though she does have to tug at the seat of her overalls to make room. When she is finished, she lays in the crib and waits for Daddy to come change her.

5. Dolly was caught masturbating when she was supposed to be cleaning, so she is bound right there and left to struggle for a while to learn a lesson.

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