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February 2018 #3

February 23, 2018

Third update for the month of February. Enjoy!

1. Alisha is kneeling in front of the mirror while she does her hair for the day. She hasn’t had her daily bowel movement just yet, but like clockwork, the cramps hit hard shortly after breakfast. While still working through her hair, she shifts to find a comfortable position as she fills her diaper.

2. Pastel and David have Little time in the nursery, coloring and playing and teasing each other. Of course, both are in thick, comfy diapers.

3. Dolly tried to sneak off to the toilet to move her bowels, but Natalia caught her in the act. To ensure she uses her diaper like a good girl, Natalia locks the poor girl in the pillory until she fills her diaper properly.

4. Alisha loves to stay in shape. What she loves even more is doing yoga while thickly diapered. The feeling of the padding rubbing between her legs as she stretches and bends is orgasmic. Watch as she does her early morning yoga routine.

5. Mia’s diaper is soaking wet and she needs to shower, so she does a quick behind the scenes video of her removing her soaked diaper on the bathroom floor. A common occurence in her life.

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