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February 2018 #4

February 28, 2018

Fourth update for the month of February. Enjoy!

1. Alisha wakes up with a very wet diaper. Daddy puts her to bed in diapers to contain her wetting, but a wet morning always results in punishment. First, she goes across his knee for a spanking. Then, it’s up onto the changing table for a clean diaper. You see, when she wakes up wet, she has to wear diapers for that entire day as punishment. She tries to dress in a way that hides the diaper, but she already knows it’s no use. The diaper is simply too thick and obvious.

2. Dolly is hogtied to keep her out of trouble, but when she is released it’s only her hands. The restraints on her ankles ensure that she can only crawl around in her diaper like the big baby she is.

3. Pastel is donning an extra thick diaper as she performs her daily yoga routine. Watch as she stretches and exercises for your enjoyment.

4. Alisha is napping on the giant teddy bear, but wakes up quite horny. She starts rubbing her pussy through the double thick diaper, but find it inadequate. Retrieving the nearby magic wand, she rolls over and rides the teddy with the magic wand between it and her. It doesn’t take long for her to experience an intensely long orgasm. Spent, she tosses the magic wand aside and lays back down to finish her nap.

5. Dolly is wearing her Sunday best – thickly diapered underneath of course – when the need to move her bowels hits hard. With the camera on, she walks into the room and lifts her dress, so everyone can watch as she fills her diaper. Then, after doing the deed, she moves to the couch and enjoys the feelings of a full diaper as she waits for Daddy to notice.

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