Friend’s Sister

My fetish definitely developed during the later stage of puberty. As soon as I hit puberty, I realized I was bisexual, although I didn’t know the term at the time. I loved the attention of boys, but also found myself infatuated with many of the girls I knew. One of those girls led to my fetish for diapers and embarrassment.

I was twelve years old, in the summer of 1995, and spending the night with my friend Natalie. She wasn’t a very good friend. In fact, I found she was rather mean to other people and I hated that. But I had a huge crush on her older sister, Katie. Katie was fourteen and already had hips and boobs that wouldn’t quit. I was smitten and tried to find any excuse to be around her. On the night I stayed at their house, I kept trying to inclue Katie in everything we were doing and Natalie was getting upset. She didn’t want her sister around at all. They bickered a bit, but I didn’t care. I just wanted Katie to stay.

That night, their mother came to get Katie and told Natalie and me to get our pajamas on, promising we would have ice cream sundaes for dessert before bed. As soon as they left the room, Natalie blurted out that Katie had to get her diapers on. I thought I misheard her at first, but then she explained that her sister wets the bed and has to wear diapers like a baby. I asked why she didn’t wear pull-ups like a couple of my other friends. She said they were too small, because her butt was too big, so they bought her old people diapers.

After we put out pajamas on, we all met in the kitchen to make sundaes. Katie was wearing purple plaid pajamas that were really baggy and I could hear the telltale crinkling confirming what Natalie had told me. After we made our sundaes, we stood around the kitchen island and talked about random stuff. Natalie started getting upset that I was intently listening to everything Katie was saying, so in retaliation, she yanked down her sister’s pajama pants. Clear as day, Katie was standing there wearing a huge adult diaper(old style Attends). She freaked out, dropping her spoon and yanking up her pants, before running off to her bedroom. Their mom was furious and threatened to put Natalie in diapers for a month if she ever did something like that again.

It was at that point I was hooked. As I curled up in my sleeping bag that night, I began touching myself as I fantasized about their mother putting me in diapers and making me sleep next to Katie. In my daydreams, we would cuddle and reassure each other all night. As time passed, I became better friends with Katie than Natalie, though we never discussed her diapers. I wanted to so many times, but always chickened out.

Now, I’m in my thirties and wear diapers most of the time. Obviously there are times I can’t, but I managed to find the perfect man that accepts my kinks. Of course, they match up with his, as he likes to pee on me and it’s deliciously embarrassing to have him relieve himself by peeing into my diaper.

That’s my story. I hope it’s long enough to publish. My friend won your contest two years ago and I’m hoping I have a decent shot at it. 🙂

** Salad ** Not my real name, but part of my standard screenname. 😉


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4 thoughts on “Friend’s Sister

  • March 30, 2017 at 10:29 pm

    You like me I’m 57 now divorced alone in diapers I’ve been in diapers for a while will like to talk more about later next I write

  • March 31, 2017 at 12:49 am

    Hi Salad. I’m Dressing. lol

    Great letter. Thank you for sharing. You had a similar experience as my girlfriend. Her fetish developed because her friend was a bedwetter as well.

  • March 31, 2017 at 2:43 am

    yes. thank u for sharing. luv hearing about peoples stories. i was diaper punishment at that age and it suck when it happen but i look back on it fondly. i often wonder if any of the peoples that saw my diaper punishment become abdl.

  • June 23, 2017 at 2:51 pm

    Were they the Attends with the blue tapes?


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