Girls in Diapers - Betsy changing her diaper.
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Girls in Diapers – How did it become a web site?

February 25, 2019

Since I was young, I’ve been fascinated by the thought of girls in diapers. The first girl I ever had a crush on was diapered by her mother for wetting the bed. Being in the middle of my formative puberty years, the idea of girls in diapers became the core of my sexual fantasies. As I got older, my fantasies grew to include BDSM, ageplay, corporal punishment and much more beyond the simple fantasies of a girl in a diaper – although the diapers were always at the center of those fantasies as well.

At the age of 21, I met my first truly ABDL partner. I touched on this over on the “About MrWashington” page. The internet was still young, so we met through a local kink magazine. I responded to her ad looking for a “Daddy” and heard back from her a few weeks later. We met and started dating in short order. She was a dozen years older than I was, which made the DDLG thing a little weird, but we managed.

Girls in Diapers - Betsy the maid dusting the furniture.

Betsy was gorgeous and worked as an exotic dancer. Her diaper fetish was actually part of one of her dance numbers. She would wear a crappy Depends adult diaper and cheap Halloween store baby accessories, then dance around sucking on a giant pacifier like a cock. The vanillas she danced for ate it up,

A few months after we started dating, she expressed interest in taking some diaper photos. It was hard because digital cameras weren’t up to snuff yet, so after taking the photos I had to get them developed somewhere that wouldn’t have an issue with developing photos of girls in diapers. The only place that promised discretion was the expensive camera store near the mall and even then I got odd looks when I picked them up.

After we saw the first set of photos, she insisted that we scan the pictures into the computer and post them online. Her exhibitionist fetish was desperate to see the reaction of people online. I bought a flatbed scanner and spent many hours scanning in the dozens of images. When I uploaded them to the “free” web space offered by our ISP and shared the address with others, I was banned by the ISP after three days for excessive bandwidth use. It seemed the photos were far more popular than either of us imaged. We knew we weren’t the only diaper lovers in the worlds, but were quite surprised by how much interest there was in seeing girls in diapers.

Girls in Diapers - Katie by dresser.The next step was to pay for a server that wouldn’t kick us off. That proved to be harder than expected. No matter where we posted them, the sheer amount of traffic would get it shut down within days. One of those hosting companies charged me over $900 in bandwidth charges, which made it clear that we had to do something to slow down the traffic. We started by adding a password requirement and only giving it to a few people at a time, but the anger from those that weren’t chosen right away became a hassle. Within weeks, we decided to slow down the traffic and offset the cost by charging for access. Right away we realized that a web site devoted to girls in diapers was going to be exceptionally popular. The first month, it generated enough revenue to pay our rent. That’s when we started hiring Betty’s coworkers to put on diapers and let us take pictures.

After a year of dating, Betsy moved on. She met an older guy that was okay with her diaper fetish and was more interested in an older daddy than one 12 years her junior. We parted on good terms and are still friends today. She had no interested in being part of our web site any longer, so it became my own thing. I started hiring more girls to wear diapers for content and it grew until my initial project became Diapered Online.

Girls in Diapers - Pamela diapered on floor.

Of course, in the early years, it was difficult to put videos online. Internet was slow and watching videos was tricky. They were simply too large, so the bulk of the content was just photo galleries of girls in diapers. As internet speeds increased, however, videos became more accessible. Of course, they were low quality at first, with that quality increasing steadily with the average speed of internet access.

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  1. I adore girls in diapers as well. I’ve always admired you and your commitment to making Diapered Online so awesome. I know a lot of people say how lucky you are and assume it’s something that fell into your lap. I’ve owned my own online business for a few years now and it’s an incredible amount of work. So glad you’ve stuck with it this long because your content is topnotch.

  2. Wasn’t your first web site called Hal’s Girls in Diapers or something? I remember these pictures from an old school site like that.

    1. It was much longer and more bizarre than that.

      Hannibal Smith’s Diapered Ladies Appreciation Page

      I know it sounds dumb, but it actually had a very specific meaning to a much younger me. lol

  3. When I first got on the internet in the late 90s, I used to spend so many hours searching for pictures of girls in diapers. I remember those photos of Katie being the first I ever found. It was almost a religious experience. It was pretty much just your pictures and Bytemine, but Bytemine used cloth diapers on all the girls. They still looked good but I much prefer girls in disposable diapers.

    Anyone else remember Bytemine?

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