Intro to Diapers – by Sasha

Hello. My name is Sasha. I am 22 years old and I’ve been an LG for as long as I can remember. I don’t know why I’ve always wanted to be a little girl. It has always just been a part of my life. When I was 19, I met my Daddy Jake. I now spend the bulk of my time wearing cute little girl dresses, playing with my toys and coloring in my coloring books. I have my own playroom that is pink and purple from floor to ceiling, but I sleep with Daddy in his room. We live a very DD lifestyle. I am the little girl and Daddy is in charge. If I’m bad, Daddy will punish me. I really hate being spanked, but sometimes Daddy will pull me over his knee and redden my ass. Usually I get corner time or have to write punishment lines. When we first got together, Daddy asked if I was into diapers, but I wasn’t. He seemed okay with that, even though diapers are a big interest for him. I would occasionally wear a diaper for him, but it never turned me on like it did him.

Then, last year, I screwed up big time. I went out with a friend from high school one weekend. Daddy gave me a midnight curfew, but my friend and I ended up drinking and I didn’t get home until 3am. Breaking curfew would normally have earned me a spanking and punishment lines, but coming home drunk really angered Daddy. To top it off, I ended up wetting the bed. Since Daddy knows I’m not a fan of diapers, he gave me a choice in my punishment. I could choose either 50 strokes of the wooden paddle or a week in diapers. Pain is not something I handle well, so I chose the week in diapers. Daddy still took me over his knee for a hand spanking, but at least it wasn’t the paddle.

The thing I didn’t realize when I chose a week in diapers was that my potty priviledges were to be revoked. It was very humiliating, because Daddy laid down a two changes per day rule, which meant I spent a fair amount of time in wet diapers. I tried to time the messy diapers to just before a diaper change, but my timing was off a couple times. The first time, I lost track of time and Daddy came to change my diaper before I had a chance to mess. I ended up messing the clean diaper about 30 minutes after he changed me and then Daddy decided we needed to do some grocery shopping. Daddy put an extra diaper over the top of my messy diaper and said it would keep the smell down, but it really just served to make my diaper thicker. Then Daddy dressed me in one of my more mainstream little girl outfits with a short skirt that barely hid my diapers.

I was crazy self conscious at the grocery store and it didn’t  help that Daddy kept asking me to get items from the top and bottom shelves. That was bad enough, but when we got in line to check out the smell become much more noticeable as people were closer together. One guy even commented about the smell to his friend, but everyone assumed it was a backed up toilet somewhere in the store or something.

Other than a second long day in messy diapers, the week was fairly uneventful. I even began to cherish diaper changing time. It was just so intimate and I could really see Daddy’s caring side at work. Since then I’ve come to enjoy diaper time. These days I spend nights in diapers and sometimes Daddy will diaper me during the day. However, he knows I love my little girl panties, so diaper time during the day only happens a few times a month.

I love my Daddy! =)

~ Sasha ~


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