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January 2017 #1

January 7, 2017

First update of the new year! Six videos for your enjoyment, featuring some of your favorite diaper girls. 🙂

1. When Taylor stays home sick from school, her friends decide to check in on her at the end of the day. They are in for a surprise, however, when they walk into Taylor’s room and find her laying in bed in a diaper. As they are looking through her stack of diapers and baby things, Taylor wakes up and is immediately humiliated by her predicament. Mia and Rainbow tease her a bit about the diapers, her Pampers shirt and all of the clearly babyish stuff in the room. They even insist on changing her diaper, which is soaking wet, before Mia uses her phone to take pictures of the big baby. How embarrassing!

2. From Mia: Daddy sent me to bed, but as I climbed up in the crib I couldn’t help but touch myself. The thick diaper under my dress was just too enticing. When Daddy comes to tuck me in, he finds me with my hand down my diaper and gets upset with me. He pulls me out of the crib and bends me over the side for a spanking on the tops of my thighs with the hairbrush. After leaving bruises to remind me of my misbehavior, he puts padded mittens on my hands to keep them under control and lifts me back into bed and locks the rail. It’s going to be a long, uncomfortable night. 🙁

3. Red gets home from work and she is feeling exhausted from her stressful day. Red grabs a pink diaper from the shelf and her favorite onesie so that she can change out of her work clothes. She puts her hair up into pigtails and begins sucking on her pacifier, already feeling little. Red strips out of her work clothes and snuggles into her onesie. She lays on the bed to put on her diaper and then gets cozy under the covers for a nap.

4. Taylor is sound asleep when the regimen of fiber and laxatives kicks in. She wakes up, desperately needing to move her bowels, as she shifts positions until she is able to fill her diaper. Knowing she won’t be getting changed until morning, she goes back to sleep in the very uncomfortable and messy diaper. Onesie from

5. Mia wakes up in a soaking wet pull-up after promising Daddy she has been fully potty trained. Since she clearly lied, he strips off her soaked pull-up, gives her a suppository to ensure she learns a lesson and puts her back in thick diapers.

6. Taylor is wearing a pull-up and coloring on the floor. The video is going wonderfully until the cameraman’s phone goes off, which evokes a laugh from Taylor. Normally, we would have tossed this video, but Taylor’s reaction is just too adorable not to share.

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