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January 2017 #3

January 23, 2017

Six video clips this week for your viewing pleasure. As always, requests are welcome. 🙂

1. After being given a large dose of laxatives, Alisha has still been holding back on messing her diaper. So, Daddy locks her in the pillory and tells her she won’t be released until she does her business. She tries to resist at first, but the stress on her lower back convinces her to give in and empty her bowels into the diaper. Once she starts, however, she can’t hold back and fills the diaper to capacity. Because she tried to refuse, Daddy leaves her in the pillory for an hour and promises no diaper change until bed time. She is going to be one uncomfortable girl. Do you think she will learn her lesson?

2. Taylor was sent to her room to clean, but when Daddy walks in and finds her playing on her phone, he realizes she needs some discipline. He pulls her over his lap, yanks down her pull-up, and spanks her until her ass is glowing red. Then, to add to her punishment, he inserts a suppository into her butt and puts her a proper diaper. She struggles with cramps, as she cleans her room, but in the end the suppositories are too much for her. Bracing herself against the bed and spreading her legs, she releases a big mess into the waiting diaper. Despite the discomfort of a full nappy, she must continue to clean until her room is spotless or Daddy will never change her.

3. From Mia: It’s nap time, so Daddy sends me to the crib to get some sleep. As I am rearranging the stuffies, I find that sissy has left the magic wand hidden under them. Curious, I use the giant vibrator on myself, through the size 6 Pampers diaper that I’m wearing. It feels AMAZING! I ended up using it to give myself three orgasms, before I put it away and lay down for my nap. I slept so good that day.

4. Red has been napping on the floor in the nursery for quite some time. She rolls over onto her back, still half asleep, and reaches her hand down to check the front of her diaper. To her surprise she has soaked her diaper in her sleep. As she slowly wakes up Red begins to rub the front of her diaper- enjoying the warm squishy feeling against her pussy. Now that she is turned on, Red reaches under the bed for her magic wand. She sucks on her pacifier blissfully as the wand makes her moan. After an intense orgasm Red lays back feeling exhausted and returns to her nap.

5. Mia is snooping and finds a pack of cigarettes. She brings them to the nursery to show Taylor and they start to play around with them. Just then, Daddy walks into the room and catches them holding the cigarettes. They insist they weren’t smoking, but Daddy spanks them both anyway. Noticing Taylor’s diaper is soaking wet, he changes her before leaving them to clean the nursery.

6. This is an older video that was requested by a member, but was never posted. Mandie is playing with some inflatables while wearing a thick diaper. She uses a pin to pop them, as they deflate under her weight.

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