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January 2018 #1

January 7, 2018

Welcome to 2018! I hope everyone is looking forward to a great year. 🙂

1. Alisha is being nosy and searching Taylor’s room for her diary. When she opens one of the dresser drawers, she makes a surprising discovery. Inside are several baby print adult diapers and a notepad filled with all sorts of fantasies about wearing diapers.

When Taylor comes home from school, Alisha is ready and lures her sister over by claiming she wants to show her something on Facebook. As soon as Taylor approaches, Alisha pulls up her dress and reveals the thick diaper she is wearing underneath. Taylor is mortified and pulls away, running to her bedroom embarrassed.

Later that day, Taylor begs Alisha not to tell anyone. Always the opportunist, Alisha agrees to keep her secret as long as Taylor does her chores for the next two weeks. Taylor agrees and gets to work. While she’s sweeping, however, Alisha pulls up her dress and tucks it into her diaper. With her back turned, Taylor doesn’t notice as Alisha takes pictures of her exposed diaper.

Two weeks pass, and Taylor has fulfilled her end of the deal. However, as she is perusing Facebook, she notices that Alisha posted the photos she took for everyone to see. Beyond humiliated, she tells her sister how much she hates her and flees to her room.

2. Alisha wakes up in the crib in a very wet and very messy double-thick diaper. Aroused by the intense feelings of the full diaper, she begins to rub herself through the thick padding. Her hand strays into the diaper, but not too far or risk getting her fingers messy. Rolling onto her belly, she fingers her clitoris while she squishes in the mess from behind. It doesn’t take long for her to reach an incredible orgasm.

Finally spent, she rolls over and goes back to sleep…

3. Pastel is getting dressed for a visit with friends, but can’t find an outfit she likes. After going through several that make her diaper quite obvious, she gives up and decides they will all show off her diaper. She will just have to deal with the stares. 😉

4. Pookie is dressed an adorable diaper which is covered by a pair of pink tights. She loves the way the tights press on the diaper, giving her all those special feels. Fully in little space, she sits in the crib, sucks on her pacifier and colors in her book.

5. Muffin stretches out in front of the television to get in her daily dose of yoga. It helps her to relax and stay in shape, both important parts of being a diaper girl. 🙂

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  1. I would like to see more soaked diapers under tights or wetting diapers under tights or any other scenes with diapers and tights

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