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January 2018 #2

January 17, 2018

Second update for the January 2018. 🙂

1. Pastel is caught drawing on the wall with dry erase markers, instead of on the whiteboard. She didn’t know it doesn’t just wipe away like on the board, but she still needs to be punished. After her daddy takes her to the bathroom for her evening bath, she spends some time playing with her toys and thinking she’s not going to get in trouble. Unfortunately for her, after her bath, Daddy takes her over his knee for a good, hard spanking with the hairbrush.

2. Dolly is tied to the bed in a very messy diaper to teach her a lesson about using her diapers and not asking for a change. It’s important for diaper girls to know they will only be changed when Daddy decides it’s time.

3. Taylor has wet the bed again. Daddy’s standing rule is too many wet nights and she goes from pull-ups at night to diapers full time for a month. Daddy sends Alisha in to change Taylor into a diaper, which annoys Alisha greatly. She hates taking care of her sister, because it always means extra work and dirty diaper changes.

Later that day, Taylor thinks she’s home alone, so she sneaks to the toilet. Unfortunately, Alisha was still in the house and catches her on the toilet. After calling Daddy for instructions, Alisha takes her sister over her lap for a thorough spanking. Then it’s corner time for an hour.

4. Muffin is sleeping in the crib when she is woken by a powerful cramp. Unable to get out of the crib, she finds a comfortable position to release the pressure on her bowels. It takes a few minutes, but as the pressure subsides a noticeable bulge appears in the seat of her diaper. Exhausted, she lays down on her belly to go back to sleep.

5. Dolly is incredibly aroused as she sucks on her pacifier and imagines it’s your cock. Her panties are wet and she desperately wants Daddy to fuck her hard. She begins to rub herself, inserting fingers and eventually her own pacifier. All over the bed, she contorts, as she brings herself to multiple intense orgasms. Finally, she returns the pacifier to her mouth and waves goodbye.

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