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January 2018 #3

January 24, 2018

Third update for the month of January 2018. Enjoy! 🙂

1. After waking from her nap, Taylor is put to work on her missing homework. Before long, however, her bladder is aching for release and she knows she will have no choice but to wet the embarrassingly thick diaper. Giving in, she thoroughly soaks the absorbent padding. Nanny Pastel comes to get her and checks her diaper, finding it quite wet. Up on the changing table Taylor goes for a diaper change. This time, she chooses an even more babyish print than before.

2. Dolly is dressed up in her fancy maid uniform, but is clearly diapered underneath. This is what happens when the maid takes too many potty breaks. Now she’s going to be allowed to use the potty for the rest of the day. Can she hold it? Or will her diaper gets wet – or worse?

3. Alisha is laying on the floor, propped up against her giant teddy bear, when her bowels begin to scream for release. Her diaper is already soaked, and she knows she has no other choice, so she pushes a few times and fills the diaper further. Looking for a more comfortable position, where she isn’t sitting in her own mess, she rolls over and continues to chat with her friends on her phone.

4. Starla’s diaper is quite messy and the stain is very visible through the white plastic backing. She isn’t allowed to ask for a diaper change, though, so she keeps herself busy with coloring while she waits for Daddy to notice. Hopefully he comes to change her soon, because it smells terrible!

5. Dolly is playing with a large pile of Legos on the table. There is nothing like her favorite toys to bring her firmly into little space. Of course, the extra thick diaper helps too.

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