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January 2018 #4

January 31, 2018

Fourth update for the month of January 2018. Enjoy! 🙂

1. Muffin promises that she won’t wet herself, so she is put into a pullup for the day. Unfortunately, she makes a promise she can’t keep, returning later that day with a pullup soaked and leaking into her pants. Up on the changing table she goes and back to diapers. No pants to cover up this time, since she couldn’t keep them dry though.

2. Dolly is locked in the pillory after being given an enema. She has been told to hold it for 15 minutes. If she fails to hold it for the allotted time, she will be sent to bed in her messy diaper and won’t be changed until morning. Unfortunately, her willpower fails too quickly and she fills her diaper with a massive wet load. Daddy adds a pair of plastic rhumba panties to contain everything and gives her a few swats with the paddle for effect. Then, it’s off to bed and a pair of foot pajamas to sleep in. It’s going to be a long night for Dolly.

3. From Pastel: “I got into big trouble, so Daddy put me in time out in the cage. It’s small and cramped, so I expected to only be there for a short time. Instead, Daddy went and got me a sippy cup to stay hydrated and then covered the cage with a sheet and left me there all night! I will definitely never make that mistake again.”

4. When Starla got caught teasing another student for wetting her pants at school, the teacher decided to teach her a lesson. She was put into a diaper and told to write lines on the board. She will think twice about teasing other students in the future.

5. Dolly’s diaper is quite messy and soaking wet, but she desperately needs to masturbates. Unable to slide her hand into her diaper, she opts for the next best thing – rubbing against the arm of the couch until she cums. Unfortunately, Daddy catches her and gives her several swats on her messy diaper with a promise of more to come.

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