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July 2017 #4

July 31, 2017

Enjoy these great videos from Summer, Lolly, Muffin and Alisha. They certainly enjoyed making them for you. 🙂

1. Summer is taking a nap in the crib, but is awoken by the need to move her bowels. Knowing the toilet is off limits, she moves around to find a comfortable position that will allow her to mess her diaper. It only takes a few moments before she gives it a few grunts and fills the diaper. Not wanting to lay in her own mess, she lays on her stomach and tries to go back to sleep.

2. Kinky girl Lolly has put herself into bondage, wearing a thick diaper and pacifier gag. The key dangles nearby, which will fall when the ice cube on the other end melts, allowing her to free herself. Unfortunately for her, Muffin comes over to visit and finds her in this unusual position. First thing Muffin does is take away the key, Lolly’s only means of escape. Then she teases the poor girl, even resorting to using the magic wand over her thick babyish diaper.

3. Alisha is bound with her wrists above her head and a thick diaper in place. Daddy straps the magic wand to leg, so she can enjoy an extended and brutal session of multiple exhausting orgasms. By the time she is released, she is about ready to collapse from the intensity.

4. Muffin and Lolly both get mini-enemas and are left to battle it out to see who can hold it longer. In reality, it’s a trick Daddy uses to make sure they hold the mini-enema as long as possible to ensure complete evacuation. He tells them the loser will not be changed until morning. They struggle to hold it in, even going so far as to tickle each other in hopes of making the other lose control. Eventually someone loses, however, and the other gets a diaper change.

5. Summer is wearing a cute Dotty the Pony diaper from the The Dotty Diaper Company in this clip, as she colors in her favorite coloring book. She makes an adorable baby girl for sure.

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  1. this is a site for women to play in diapers, why they not have one for males in diapers, I would like to find females to play with and wear diapers

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