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July 2018 #1

July 7, 2018

First update for July 2018. Enjoy!

1. Mommy Lolly discovers your soaking wet diaper just as you pull into the Target parking lot. You definitely need a change, before your stinky diapers bother the other shoppers. Unfazed by your embarrassment, she leads you around the car and has you lay down in the seat for a diaper change. With cars driving by and shoppers looking on, she strips off your soaked diaper and puts you right into a very babyish diaper. Now it’s time to go shopping. Are you ready?

2. It’s been a long, hard day for Taylor and she can’t wait to strip off her clothes and put on a thick, fluffy diaper. After removing her school clothes, she chooses an adorable Valentine’s Day diaper and adds two stuffers for absorbency. She doesn’t plan on changing until the morning, so she needs it to be extra thirsty. Once her butt is wrapped up the bulky diaper, she lays on her bed and catches up with friends on her phone.

3. Alisha just finished doing her outside chores. As embarrassing as it is to be running around the yard with her diaper exposed, it also turns her on. The tingling in her pussy is still present as she lays down for a nap, so she needs to do something about it. Grabbing her magic wand, she brings herself to multiple orgasms before collapsing from exhaustion with her shoes still on. She is going to sleep well today.

4. Lucy is locked in the pillory after trying to sneak to the bathroom. She really doesn’t want to mess her diaper, but Daddy insists and she is going to stay put until she concedes. This clip picks up just before she finally loses control and drops a noticeable load into her diaper. Of course, Daddy makes sure she’s is embarrassed by pressing the mess up against her skin.

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