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July 2018 #2

July 16, 2018

Second update for July 2018. Enjoy!

1. Alisha is coloring at the coffee table, but her diaper is rubbing against her something fierce and she desperately needs to masturbate. After finishing her picture, she kicks back on the couch and starts to rub her pussy through the thick, pink diaper. After multiple position changes, she finally manages to bring herself to two amazing orgasms. Of course, all that effort has exhausted her and she curls up and falls asleep.

2. Taylor is texting with friends and is invited to go out on the town. Her diaper is quite wet, so she knows she needs to change before leaving, but opts to empty her bladder one more time to ensure a fresh diaper lasts through the night.

After thoroughly soaking her diaper, she moves to the changing table and cleans up. She chooses another thick diaper and tapes it up tight and gets dressed to go out. Where they are going is always dark, so she isn’t too worried about it being noticed.

3. Cici is dressed in her revealing maid outfit and wearing a very messy diaper as she scrubs the floor. Anyone around can clearly see that she has messed her diaper and she knows she will not be changed until all of her chores are finished.

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  1. why the girls are always alone now ?? it’s better to have them babied by a daddy or a mommy no ? i miss this so much….

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