Taylor Spanked & Diapered for Lying
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July 2018 #3

July 25, 2018

Third update for July 2018. Enjoy!

1. Taylor is confronted by Daddy after he discovers she attained an extension on an assignment by telling her teacher there was an illness in the family. No such illness exists, which means she lied. Daddy doesn’t abide liars, so he pulls the poor girl over his lap for a long, hard spanking. Once her butt is bright red, he takes her to the changing table and puts her in a thick, fluffy diaper. She will be spending some time in diaper punishment – a constant reminder that liars don’t prosper.

2. Alisha is sent to the nursery to clean up before going out for the night. Easily distracted, however, she ends up on the floor playing with the toys instead of putting them away. When Daddy threatens to take her out without pants over her diaper, she finally gets up and rushes to put everything away.

3. This is a very long video that documents a day of diaper discipline for Mia. The following description was written by her.

I had a test at school that I wasn’t prepared for, so I told Daddy I was sick and needed to stay home. I don’t know how, but he knew about the test and figured I was lying. So, he locked me in the table stocks and took my temperature with the rectal thermometer. When it came out normal, he spanked my butt until it was bright red. After that, he put me in a thick diaper and left me in the stocks while he prepared for the rest of my punishment.

After releasing me, Daddy left me to contemplate my coming punishment for quite a while. Trying to keep my mind off what was sure to be unpleasant, I decided to a color a picture for Daddy – hoping it would soften his mood.

Later in the day, I was supposed to be cleaning my room, but I was bratting hard and refused. When Daddy caught me being lazy, he warned me that things would only get worse if I didn’t get busy. As much as I didn’t want to clean, I knew better than to refuse. It didn’t stop me from complaining while I cleaned though.

As much as I pretend to hate diaper discipline, I do love the feeling of the diaper. Halfway through the day, I was on the edge of my seat and since Daddy was out of the room (I was supposed to be napping), I decided to sneak an orgasm. It was amazing, but I still feared what was to come.

After my nap, Daddy comes to wake me up. My diaper is a little wet, but I tell him it’s dry. He checks it to be sure and realizes I lied. He tells me to get dressed, because we have places to go. I ask if he is going to take the diaper off, but he says no.

I try to pull a pair of pants over the thick diaper, but it’s no use and I opt for a skirt instead. The longest skirt I have is still too short though, so bending over will reveal my diaper to anyone looking. I guess I don’t have much choice though and it’s better than nothing.

While we were out, Daddy checked my diaper in the middle of a restaurant, which was super embarrassing. I pulled away, because I was humiliated and he wasn’t pleased. When we got home, he took me straight to the nursery for a spanking over my soaked diaper.

To add to my punishment, he reached down my diaper and inserted a suppository into my bottom. After locking me in the crib, he left me alone. Fifteen minutes later, I was desperately needed to go to the bathroom. I hate messing my diaper, but I didn’t have much choice. It took a few minutes to get comfortable enough to release my bowels and use my diaper that way, but I managed.

The next morning, Daddy came to get me out of the crib and cleaned up. I was definitely very sorry for disobeying him and I will remember to do better in the future. 🙁

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