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June 2018 #1

June 8, 2018

First update for June 2018. Enjoy!

1. Iris is undergoing regression training to remove her potty training and make her entirely dependent on diapers. She is strapped into the straitjacket and tied to a hook in the ceiling to prevent her from removing the VR headset. For several hours she is immersed in a VR environment that slowly strips away her ability to control her bladder.

2. Taylor is diapered and enjoying her day, but when she gets hungry she decides to make a grilled sandwich. She is so adorable to watch as she heats up the skillet and cooks.

3. Alisha is coloring at the coffee table when the urge to move her bowels hits hard. Deep in little space, she doesn’t even consider anything other than using her diaper as intended.

4. Pookie is laying on the floor coloring in a very messy diaper. She seems completely oblivious to the smell emanating from her rearend as she colors a picture.

5. Iris is dressed in a thick diaper and adorable shortalls as she plays with her toys. When the tight shortalls get in the way, she pulls them off and exposes her cute diaper to everyone watching. Such an adorable diaper girl.

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