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June 2018 #2

June 16, 2018

Second update for June 2018. Enjoy! 🙂

1. Iris is home from school and it’s time to change out of her school clothes and into a diaper. Rules are rules of course. She waits on the changing table until Daddy comes in and diapers her up. Then she moves to the bed to finish her homework before she’s allowed to play with her toys.

2. Taylor is locked in the high chair to do her homework after avoiding it for far too long. When she’s sure Daddy isn’t nearby though, she begins to masturbate through her diaper. She even drafts one of her stuffies to help reach an amazingly powerful orgasm.

3. Pookie is fresh and clean out of the shower. Her butt is still glowing from an earlier spanking. Daddy puts her on the changing table and gets her into a thick, fluffy diaper with lots of powder. He tells her to get dressed, because they have things to do and she won’t be excused just because she’s on diaper punishment.

4. Alisha is having a hard time using her diaper without the assistance of laxatives or an enema. She figures the best way to trick her body into doing it is to sit on the toilet and pretend she isn’t wearing a diaper. It takes a few minutes, but it totally works. After emptying her bowels, she stands up and feels the large mass between her ass cheeks that makes her walk funny. Poor thing.

5. Iris is sleeping in the crib, but is woken by a bad cramp. Unfortunately, the cramp refuses to pass and she realizes she desperately needs to go potty. The crib is locked, however, and she’s not allowed to use the toilet anyway. Realizing she has no choice, she shifts to her knees and struggles to empty her bowels. It takes a couple minutes, but she manages. Now she just has to find a way to get comfortable enough to go back to sleep.

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