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June 2018 #3

June 22, 2018

Third update for June 2018. Enjoy!

1. Iris arrived home several hours after her curfew. This simply won’t stand, so Daddy tells her to strip to her panties and bend over the pool table. Using the tawse, he blisters her butt long and hard. Once her bottom is a tender reminder to follow the rules, he puts her up on the pool table and puts her in a thick disposable diaper. At least a week of diaper discipline should help her remember her curfew.

2. Alisha is locked in the cage after being given a dose of castor oil. This clip picks up just before she loses control of her bowels and loudly fills her diaper. The small cage doesn’t give her much room to move around and get comfortable, so she is going to be a miserable stinker for quite a while.

3. Taylor is laying in bed wearing a thick, fluffy Valentine’s day diaper. Her thoughts wander to all the wonderfully embarassing things Daddy has planned for her. Her hand slides down to her diaper as she begins to rub herself through the thick padding, but she knows only the magic wand can get her off through all that bulk.

4. Daddy is away and I was missing him terribly, so I decided to shoot him a special video. I wanted him to see that I was being a good girl and using my diapers like I’m supposed to. So, in front of the crib I first soak my diaper and then make a big mess. Daddy will be so proud of me for following the rules. I hate when he’s away.

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