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Letter About My Life – by W.A

July 12, 2012
When I was little, I had issues with using the bathroom. I would be so constipated, that going to the bathroom, was not pleasant at all. My Mom tried Castor Oil, Prune Juice and things of that nature. I would just hold off pooping, until I couldn’t hold anymore, I just happened to go that big.
    This would come back to get me in trouble, I forget exactly how old I was, But It was Elementary School. My Parents were on vacation, and my Aunt, was watching me and also my sister. In School, we were playing a game, something like a combination of Hide & Seek and Tag, when a person was captured, they had to stay on a selected base, until a team mate could rescue them. It was girls aganist boys.
    I had a great, great hiding spot, and didn’t want to give it up, I had to go to the bathroom desperately.. I was being stubborn, and ended up pooping my pants.The girls teased me pretty badly, and so did the boys, once they found out what I had done.  I ended up being sent too the School Nurse, who promptly sent me home, with a written note. I don’t remember if she called my house. What I do remember is walking home, pants loaded. Very humiliated and I had feelings of shame and just thought that everyone knew what I had done.
  When I arrived home, my Aunt had questions of “why was I home from school early ?” , but the wrinkle of her nose and the look on her face, immediatly told me she knew, and she was furious. She yelled at me, and told me to take off my clothes and get into the bathtub. I did as I was told, I was small and skinny, and I think around 10, and I was terrified. Mortified is another good description.
I finished taking a bath, and when I got out to dry off, my Aunt, sat on the toilet, which was next to the bathtub, pulled me over her lap, spanked me and scolded me pretty hard. My thoughts were I did this to myself, but the scolding was severe, and so was the spanking, she stopped and pulled me by the arm, into my room. and there it was, a white diaper laid out on my bed. I don’t remember the brand or anything, I do know it was disposeable.
She put me on the bed, unfolded it  , I declared “I wasn’t wearing it’ and she pushed me over and gave me a few spanks for talking back, then literally rolled me over onto it, and taped it up tightly. She stepped back, and told me to get dressed and that she was taking me back to school, I think I almost fainted and I do remember ripping the diaper off and telling her “I wouldn’t go to school in a diaper, under my clothes, and that I wasn’t a baby”.
My Aunt is quite strict, once I told her that, she really gave me a hard spanking, and retaped the diaper back onto me. This was in the 70’s by the way. I remember her telling me ” Big boys do not poop their pants, so I must be a baby”. I felt the searing red of embarrassment on my face, and she drove me back to school. I remember sneaking into School and the classroom, by using some backstairs, the “crinkle” of the diaper sounded like a Freight Train of noise to me. I took my seat, and didn’t move, whispers of what I had done at recess were discussed by my classmates, who gave me teasing looks and smirks. School couldn’t be over fast enough. When it ended, I raced home.
  Once home, I needed to wet and did. I remember the feeling as disposeable, but it felt like several layers. My Aunt kept me diapered, for two days, and eventually let me wear my underpants again.
I seemed to forget all this.. like just disapeered from my memory. Years later, I was looking at a magazine called “Nugget” , I think I was around 16. I was looking at some pictures of girls in diapers, and reading a story about a woman pooping her panties. I was very into bondage, but obviously didn’t know much about it.  I suddenly had an idea to poop my underpants, so I sat on the toilet, and did so. As soon as I did, all the memories of what happened when I was little came flooding back, and I was really aroused, I felt naughty and turned on at the same time. I didn’t have diapers, but I wanted to try them. I kept messing my underpants, as often as I could.
  Years later, I joined the Navy. Great example, huh 🙂 , But i never stopped messing my underwear. I even did it onboard Ships I was on, and never got caught. I would do it, right before I took a shower, and simply throw away my underwear, I could always buy more was my justification. I knew fear and the thrill of doing this, if I had ever got caught, I would have been teased horribly and definetly in trouble, Ships are tight communties and families, and things get around. But a Fetish, is hard to deny and just put aside.
  Eventually I had my own apartment, and ordered my first adult diapers. My first time wearing one, was incredible. I didn’t know much about what I was ordering, but the brand was First Quality, and I ordered it from the DPF newsletter. These days I am well versed in what brands are nice quality, like Bambino, Dry 24/7, Wellness  and such.
A few years later, a computer and the internet, showed me a whole World of information. I was quickly studying and learning about Bondage and had many experiences as both Dominant and submissive. I soon learned I loved combining bondage and diapers.
I at one point, went on deployment onboard a Ship. I brought 3 diapers with me, they were Molicare Super Plus. I wore one on the ship, as usual, right before I showered. I disposed of the evidence carefully, and the other two, I wore in my Hotel Room, when we were inport. A deployment was simply just to long, to do without. It’s really tough being in the Military, and having a secret. I can imagine those that serve today, and have the same secret.
  Eventually I began diapering submissive women, and forcing them to wet & mess,and disciplining them.  I think I sent Daddy J some pictures of a sub girl I had restrained, gagged ,diapered in a Secure X plus and given a large enema to. She of course expelled it into her diaper. I have built up my toy collection , from a  Genuine Posey straightjacket to 25 different gags alone, and other surprises. I study many different methods, such as Flax Seed Diaper Punishment, which causes a sub girl in diapers to really fill her diaper. It’s unstoppable. Think of it as a Laxative, but with monstrous results !!  And absolutely more then just swallowing two pills.
  I teach people, who find my profile on fetlife, about Diaper Bondage and diaper discipline, what are the best diapers , as far as quality, absorbancy and things like that.. I answer many questions, and I ask lots as well, because no one knows it all. It’s fun learning and experiencing something your very intrested in. I share my ideas with people who want intresting scenes, and get my own ideas for something creative, by imagining it, or even checking out Diaper websites.
  It’s fun thinking up something that someone will enjoy, or maybe not enjoy 🙂 wether it’s some nice ginger root, carved nicely into the shape of a butt plug (Art Class) and inserted up a naughty girls bottom. Mmmmmm figging, diapered over it of course. Originally used in the Victorian Era for spanking discipline. Or a few sleeping pills.. an enema or suppositories, and see how long before your sub girl loses control of her bodilly functions by falling asleep… diapered of course and absolutely consensual.
    The possibilities are endless. I very much enjoy constipating someone by cooking them certain foods, cheese, chocolate, etc. The beautiful Bulge in the back of their diaper, is erotic and HOT and completely yummy to see. Controlling someone’s bodilly functions with diapers is beyond hot. bathroom totally off limits !!.
  My newest toy, is an adult potty chair, I have rigged it up for Bondage, thumbscrews and hooks and D rings and such, good for attaching ropes, chains, and restraints. I’m already imagining the 1st diapered sub girl, I restrain to that chair. Gagged and totally helpless, like sitting on a toilet, but diapered, unable to push aganist anything to hold off messing. It’s delicious.
  I hope I didn’t bore anyone with my story, my life. I wish you all the best of luck with everything you do. Be good and be safe.

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