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Letter from Maggie

July 11, 2011

I read a couple of the letters posted here and was inspired to write my own story. My story isn’t all rosy however. It started for me when I was 15 years old. I lived with my mom and never knew my dad.

One day, while at school, I was called to the principal’s office. There was a state worker there waiting for me. She told me that my mom was going to jail for a while, but wouldn’t tell me why. I later learned it was for drugs. She said she was in charge of finding me someone to live with and asked me a bunch of questions about my family. The only family I had was my grandmother who lived in a home and my aunt who lived on the other side of the state.

I spent the night at a foster home while the social worker made arrangements with my aunt. My aunt picked me up the next day and drove me to my mom’s house. I never really liked her, because she clearly didn’t like kids. She was very uptight as well. At my mom’s house, she went through my belongings and only packed clothes she deemed appropriate for a girl my age. There was a few men there packing up the house and moving things into a storage unit, since my mom wouldn’t be able to pay the rent.

Living with my aunt was boring. She had a long list of chores for me to do every day. She didn’t own a television and insisted I read for two hours a day. We sat together and said our prayers every night before bed. She made me even though I am an atheist. We even spent most of sundays at church.

To cut a long story short, a few weeks after I moved in my aunt walked in on me while I was masturbating. She flew into a rage and told me her house was god’s house and what I was doing was blasphemy. She grabbed a big, wooden hairbrush from her bedroom and pulled me over her knee and spanked me really hard. She was yelling at me for being such a nasty person and allowing the devil to enter her house.

I didn’t masturbate for about a week, then I got up the courage to try it again. I was more careful this time and didn’t get caught at first. I masturbated every day for a couple weeks, but I got caught yet again. I got a much harder spanking this time, with my panties down, and she told me repeatedly that if I couldn’t control my evil urges she would control them for me.

She made me stand in the corner for a while and I could hear her moving around in the attic. When she came back, she was carrying a cardboard box with marker writing on the side that said DIAPERS. She opened it up and pulled out a big pile of cloth diapers and several pairs of plastic panties. There was also a small tin box filled with diaper pins.

She separated out the cloth diapers and laid several of them in a pile on my bed. A pair of plastic panties was put next to them along with a set of diaper pins. Then she told me to lay down on the pile of diapers. I told her no, because I was too old for diapers. This pissed her off and she pulled me over her knee again and spanked me with her bare hand until I was bawling. At this point I would have done anything to stop the spanking, so I begged her to stop and I would wear the diapers.

I laid on the pile of diapers and she pulled the entire pile up between my legs and fastened the diaper pins. She must have used half a dozen diapers, because it was really thick. She told me it had to be thick to keep my hands out of my pants. I was a skinny girl back then too, so not only did the diapers fit so did the plastic panties. The plastic panties were really tight though. It took her a couple minutes to get them over the diapers and I could feel the waistband and legbands digging into my skin a little bit.

She said I would have to wear diapers to bed every night to keep me from doing evil things with myself. It worked too. I couldn’t fit my hand inside the diapers and they were too thick to rub myself through them. And they were so difficult to put on, I wouldn’t dare take them off to masturbate.

After a couple weeks I was desperate to masturbate, so I came up with a new plan. I was only diapered at night, so I would have to sneak it. I ended up masturbating behind the back shed a few times before I eventually got caught yet again. As you probably expected at this point, she ended up putting me in diapers during the day as well.

Because the diapers were so hard to put on and take off, she said I would have to use them if I needed to pee. If I needed to poo, she would remove them and give me ten minutes to do my business before they went back on. This is how I lived until my mother got out of jail a little over a year later.

My aunt homeschooled me, because she didn’t like the idea of coed schools, so I wasn’t subjected to much public ridicule about being diapered. I was taken to church dressed that way though. Of course she made me wear a long ‘proper’ dress for church, but the thickness of the diapers made me waddle a little and the crinkling of the plastic panties often made people ask what the sound was. My aunt was always quick to explain.

As for masturbating, it didn’t take long to learn that if I rubbed my crotch on the corner of  my dresser I could get some enjoyment even through the thickness of the diapers. I’m pretty sure that is what led to my fetish. As horrible as it was to be diapered as a teenager, I now wear diapers often with my husband as the disciplinarian.



Thank you for the letter Maggie. I took the liberty of fixing some spelling errors and adding some paragraph breaks to make it easier for others to read. I hope you don’t mind. =)

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