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Letter from Roger

January 16, 2010

This is a cool letter I got from Roger. I think it’s a great story, even though it’s not particularly diaper punishment related.

I noticed that most of the letters and such I see posted online about how people came to develop their diaper fetish as children. Figured I would relate my story, as it happened in adulthood for me.

Several years ago, I developed a tumor in my prostate and the doctor insisted surgery was the best option. The tumor turned out to be benign, but they removed it anyway. During the surgery, however, the surgeon nicked the wrong nerve and afterwards I experienced total urinary incontinence. Here I was, a 30 year old guy that couldn’t control his own bladder. To make matters worse, the incontinence I experienced was such that I didn’t just piss myself all the time. I simply felt no urge to go at all and when my bladder would fill up, the flow would start. This type of heavy wetting made slim undergarments pointless. I ended up wearing full fledged adult diapers usually reserved for bowel incontinence.

Self pity was the new rule and my wife saw it very clearly. She wanted to make sure I still felt like a man, so she began to incorporate the diapers into our sex life. She would curl up next to me in bed and start rubbing my crotch through the diaper and telling me she thought the diaper was sexy. I knew it was an act, but she refused to give it up. Before long, I had simply accepted the diapers and she continued to treat them like a sexy outfit.

Since she was particularly fond of giving blowjobs, we quickly learned that the only way to avoid a disgusting accident was to make sure I wet the diaper right before sex, thereby ensuring I would have an accident during sex. She would often place her hand on my crotch and coax me to pee when she was feeling particularly horny. She would rub just below my belly button until my bladder emptied. After wetting, she would remove the diaper and wipe me down in a very sexy manner and then either climb on top or go down on me.

After nearly a year, my body managed to recover enough that I regained some control of my bladder. I could now sense when my bladder was getting full and could run to the restroom to use the toilet. Diapers were still necessary when not near a restroom for another several months, but I am now completely continent again. Regardless of my newfound control, I still wear diapers all too often. We had such great times when they were needed that we now use them to keep our sex life smoking hot.

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