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Living the Life – by Sissy Sue

May 30, 2015

I have been hesitant to write this just because so many people refuse to believe my story. However I have decided that I don’t really care who believes me. They can just come see for themselves if they want.

All my life I wanted to be a sissy in diapers. I love cute girls clothes and thick diapers. A few years ago I started seeing a professional dominatrix that specialized in sissies. After many visits we had become friends and shared a lot about our lives. When she learned that I am a successful entrepreneur that works at home she offered me a position in her household. Of course I jumped at the chance and after a bit of logistics she moved into my house because it was much larger than her apartment.

From that day forward I was locked in chastity and kept in diapers. I have a large sissy wardrobe that I wear most of the time but I dress like a man when necessary. Mistress had a hard time with diaper changes at first and refused to change messy diapers even though the toilet was off limits. I was simply sent to the shower when I needed a messy diaper changed. That changed when a sissy maid joined our household. The new sissy maid Jenna is not into diapers so he mostly just spends his days in full maid uniform serving our mistress. Part of that service is playing governess to me.

My life changed quite a bit since he joined our household. Every morning, Jenna unlocks the crib and helps me out of bed. He already has breakfast ready for both Mistress and me. I eat in the high chair while Mistress eats in bed or at the table. After breakfast Jenna changes my diaper and then I head to my office to work until lunch. Jenna feeds me in the high chair at lunch and then I work again until dinner. After dinner my diaper is changed and I am given a bath. I then have about an hour of free time until I am put to bed and locked in the crib at 8pm.

Every Monday after my morning diaper change I am sent to Mistress’ room for my weekly maintenance spanking. After my spanking she uses her strapon to massage my prostate for milking. On the first Friday of each month she removes the chastity device and allows me to masturbate if I’ve been good the previous month. Then I am allowed the weekend to go out and enjoy the real world. Of course I am still locked in chastity and diapered but it allows me to see movies and other things.

Jenna receives similar treatment but his days are Tuesdays. Because he has more responsibilities he is punished much more often than I am. I overhear him being spanked several times a week on average. Mistress also made him wear diapers for a week once because he failed to tell her my diaper supply was low.

If I could change anything about my life it would only be to have more of Mistress’ attention. But I understand my role and accept that this is the way it is. I only hope it lasts for many more years to come.

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  1. I’m straight plus I understand you at 16 but me no one know my diaper thing except few I know who can keep a secret even I’m sitting dirty diaper I change myself sometime I play with my dirty diaper They ever squish your diaper in your face while getting clean I like to know about story so I can understand mine.

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