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Diaper Humiliation at the Mall for Tina

October 4, 2012

Another funny story to relate regarding diaper humiliation. The other day, I had a visit from a girl (Tina) that comes to see me every couple months or so. She had expressed an interest in some public diaper humiliation, so I had something special planned for her. You see, I have this friend (another ABDL girl) that works at the local mall in a very popular clothing store. I won’t mention it by name to avoid any nasty lawsuits or the possibility she could be fired.

I put Tina in a thick Wellness Brief diaper and covered it with a dress that went down to her knees. It did an excellent job of hiding the diaper. However, the plan was to take her to this clothing store and tell the girl working there(my friend) that she needed to find some sexy clothes that would fit over her diaper. Then she would help her try on different outfits that totally exposed her diaper. This would give her the public diaper humiliation she craved, without risking anything. Of course, she didn’t know the girl was in on it, so she would be quite embarrassed.

Dolly Diaper Humiliation Upskirt

When we got to the mall, there was a little bit of unintentional humiliation though. We headed for the family restroom, which is just a term they use for a bathroom that men and women can share for disabilities and children. The door locks, so there was no risk of anyone seeing us. However, as we were walking into the restroom, a security guard stopped us and told us it was for disabled people, not hanky panky. I simply lifted her dress and showed him the diaper she wore and said she was disabled. He seemed satisfied, but she blushed something fierce. I shut the door behind us and then pulled a mini-enema out of my pocket, reached into her diaper and squeezed it into her ass.

We were only in the store for a few minutes before I could hear the mini-enema churning something up inside her colon. My friend had Tina in a very short skirt and blouse that didn’t hide the top or the bottom of her diaper. When she brought her out to show me, Tina turned so red, I thought she was going to pass out. I made her spin in front of me and halfway through the spin, she let loose a very loud fart. She teared up a little and then knelt down on the floor as she filled her diaper very loudly. Then she started to hyperventilate. At this point, I had to tell her that the girl helping us was my friend and she was in on the entire thing.

After calming her down, we continued with the fashion show and had a good time. I took her back home in the same dress she wore in. Overall, she said she had a great time. She said she hyperventilated, because she thought she was going to get arrested for shitting herself in a store while wearing their merchandise. I guess I will need to plan a little better next time. =)

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  1. About three years ago I had a baby girl staying with me. In the six months she stayed with me I kept her diapered 24/7 after the first week. I had given her a sound spanking and had her sitting in my lap and she urinated. Getting back to the mall. I had a punishment I used on her which I called the “walk of shame” . When her behavior was to the extreme and she repeated infractions I would diaper her and use locking plastic pants. I had a short tall made for her with “Winnie the Pooh” on it. I would insert two suppositories before going in the mall. I would hold her hand like a little girl. When nature took its course I would walk her by groups of people especially young ladies her age. I even had her sit on a bench. I’m sure it was obvious that the baby girl had messed her diaper. She would beg me to change her, but usually i would wait until we arrived home

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