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March 2017 #4

March 30, 2017

This week we have a special treat. Six videos as usual, but while consolidating raw videos I found several videos from the last ten years that were never published. Add two this week from Cici and Donna and will add more over the coming weeks. Hope you enjoy them! 🙂

1. Taylor has not been holding up her end of the roommate bargain. Unfortunately, her roommate Lolly works as a professional Mommy and is well equipped to deal with insolent brats. She pulls Taylor over her knee for a long, hard spanking to start. Once her butt is bright red, she lays the girl down on the bed and puts her into a thick, babyish adult diaper. Taylor is humiliated and embarrassed, but knows better than to fight back. It’s going to be a hard couple weeks for Taylor as she learns to be a better roommate. Lolly is going to make sure she is diapered and well spanked until she improves.

2. Cici is getting ready for school, but realizes the outfit she chose is too thin and everyone can see her diaper. Daddy tells her it’s too late to change, so she runs for the bus. Not long after, she returns after being teased at the bus stop, so Daddy has to get on her case about getting to school or risk the consequences.

3. Donna is locked in the pillory while wearing a very messy diaper, as Daddy uses the magic wand to give her several powerful orgasms.

4. Lolly is in big trouble, so she is given multiple suppositories which are kept in place with a medium sized butt plug. A thick diaper is taped in place before the straitjacket is pulled around her torso and strapped tight. After she is placed in the crib to think about her behavior, Daddy surprises her by pressing a button – causing the butt plug to begin vibrating. Caught off guard, she begins to moan.

An hour later, the vibrating plug has proven too much for Lolly to resist and she has moved a pillow between her legs, which she uses to grind her way to several powerful orgasms. She just hopes Daddy doesn’t find out, because it will mean more punishment.

Some time later, after the suppositories have done their job and Lolly is desperate to empty her bowels, Daddy returns and removes the plug. The crotch strap, however, is refastened and she put back into the crib. It doesn’t take long for her to fill her diaper at that point.

5. This short clip almost didn’t make it, as it is very short. However, several people have requested it, so here it is. Mia jumping on the trampoline while wearing a pullup and shortalls. She stops suddenly when she realizes the bouncing around has loosened her bladder. You can see the look on her face just as the video ends as she pees.

6. This candid video shows Red sound asleep in the crib – dreaming about something sexy apparently – as she rubs herself through the diaper she is wearing. Must be an amazing dream to trigger sleep masturbation. 😉

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