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March 2018 #1

March 8, 2018

First update for March 2018!

1. Pookie rouses from her afternoon nap as horny as could be. Still half asleep, she begins to rub the front of her diaper until the wet padding brings her to the edge of orgasm. After cumming long and hard, she lays back down and falls back to sleep – exhausted.

2. Taylor is awakened by Alisha and told it’s time to leave. She insists she doesn’t feel well, so Alisha moves her to the changing table and takes her temperature. It’s normal, so either Taylor is faking illness or she’s constipated. Either way, Taylor is getting a couple suppositories. If she’s constipated, it will help, but if she’s faking it’s a good punishment. After putting her into a clean diaper, she tells Taylor to get dressed.

3. Alisha is cuddling with the new giant bear in the nursery. Her bladder is very full, so she spreads her knees and relaxes. The camera zooms in and captures the diaper as a yellow stain spreads across the plastic backing. After thoroughly soaking the diaper, Alisha rolls over and continues to write out the story she is working on.

4. Pookie is testing out all the different nerf blasters, so she is prepared for any potential “Little” wars. Which ones do you think are her favorite?

5. Dolly walks into the room to find the white dress she has been asking for laid out on the couch. Excitedly, she strips downto her diaper and puts on the dress, twirling around as Daddy watches. She is so happy.

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  1. Hi !
    Please, could we have videos od Taylor with onesie, pacifier and bottle ?
    I love your videos, please continue in this way !

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