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March 2018 #2

March 16, 2018

Second update for the month of March 2018!

1. Pookie has an idea for a diaper design, so she gets on the computer and creates an image that she cuts out on the cutting machine. The image is then transferred to the back of a white diaper, which she tapes on after finishing. Turning around, she reveals her new message. “Pookie 4 President!” 😀

2. Alisha is wearing a long pair of denim overalls over her diaper as she cleans the nursery. When she finds the magic wand hidden in the stuffies on the bed, she decides to take the opportunity for a little self love. Holding the wand to her padded crotch, she turns it on high and is soon lost in bliss as she brings herself to multiple quick orgasms. Exhausted from the effort, she dozes off to sleep.

3. Dolly is in the jumper, thickly diapered, mittens on her hands and paci in her mouth. She bounces around, enjoying her little space and the amazing feeling of the thick diaper pressing against the seat of the jumper.

4. Pookie is on her phone, talking to friends and posting on social media, when the cramps hit hard. She hasn’t messed in two days and needs to do so desperately. After a few minutes of dealing with the cramps, she turns to a comfortable position and fills her diaper. After her bowels are empty, she goes back to social media – where none of her friends are aware of what just happened.

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